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Wednesday, August 04, 2004



My friend Ennis (do you know him?) sent me over here because I'd once vented about whole language myself, based on my volunteer experiences. You said it better than I did, though.

You might also enjoy THE LANGUAGE POLICE by Diane Ravitch.

Sarpy Sam

As someone who 40 years ago was taught to read using the whole language method I totally agree. I still fight language today and have trouble with my speech and grammer. Only because I have made a concerted effort have I gotten better at it. With the albatross of whole language around your neck though you really have to want to improve yourself to do it and it is extremely difficult to do.


Sam, thanks for commenting, personally I think you write really well--you sound like yourself. Yes, there are the spelling errors (hey, I was a copy editor, I can't help noticing) but they don't detract from the forcefulness of your writing.

For those of you who don't know Sam, he's over to the right on the blog roll as "Montana Rancher" or the URL is here:

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