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Wednesday, September 29, 2004


enoch choi

Just post a comment on your typepad blog with a link to the post you want to talk about. A ping is sent to her to tell her that someone's talking about her post.


I am almost positive that works....if she knows to look for pings and whatnot.
Also I am old fashioned, I like to leave mash notes where the intended recipient will (most likely) see them first.


The person can change comment settings to allow anyone, or only those with registered Blogger accounts. She may or may not know that or understand that the pull down selection that says "registered" means registered with Blogger.


and blogger sooo wants you to sign up, with their "it only takes three minutes" bit.

stay strong!


you do realise you can post anonymously don't you?


she had at the time I wrote this anon commenting turned off. Usually what I do is email the comment, but she doesn't have email link either. That's ok, she's a busy doc.

Saint Nate

I'm also a Shrinkette fan. The medical blog community needed a good psychiatrist to provide some perspective.


Yeah like someone else said here,it depends on which settings the person with the blog is using,I think people will get more comments if anyone can leave a message.Thats what I use in my blogger account".

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