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Thursday, October 07, 2004


August 31, 2004--Parents Blame College Policies for Son's Alcohol Death

The parents of Jared Dion, a University of Wisconsin-La Crosse student who died April 9 [2004] after drinking all night to celebrate his 21st birthday, plan to sue the university for allegedly encouraging drinking, ABC News reported Aug. 30.

The Dions have filed a notice of claim, which is the first step in filing a lawsuit under Wisconsin state law. The suit seeks $250,000 from the city of La Crosse and the university.

The Dions claim that their son would not have consumed as much alcohol if he had to drive home the night he died. Instead, Dion used the university's Safe Rider program, which transports students between campus and the bar district in La Crosse. The family also says the school encouraged binge-drinking by allowing the school paper to print advertisements from bars.

"[Safe-ride] programs have been a bit of a source of friction in our field, between the individual health consideration and the public-health consideration," said Ann Bradley, a spokeswoman with the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, about the Safe Rider concept.

The claim also blames the city for failing to implement measures in response to the six other alcohol-related deaths of university students in previous years. Among the measures discussed but not implemented were increased nighttime police foot patrols in the riverfront park where Jared Dion fell into the Mississippi River and drowned; barriers blocking entrance to the park; and a secure railing along the waterfront.

Bryan Dion said the purpose of the lawsuit is to encourage the city and university to address the issue of drinking among students. "I could have said I'm going to sue you for a dollar, and they would have given me a dollar and told me to shut up," he said. "The only reason we're doing this is because nothing has been done."

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There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of the best friend that i lost two years ago due to alcohol posisoning. And that freind is Jason Reinhardt. i lost or I need to say that we all losted him from alcohol poisoning or from what goes on every night at midnight a power hour.I am a part of a frat but after this my eyes have been opened to how much is to much. I have a question for you all what is the reason or point of trying to drink twenty-one shots at all you are not going to remember doing it and you will do it once if you live through the night.And who said that doing this is the only way to adulthood any way. i did lose some one i loved and cared about like a brother to me he Jason was my brother and I miss and love him so much and the crazy part I still hurt to this day and the hole that I have in my heart and life will never be filled.I still have freinds but i can not help to think what happens if what happened once happens again I see these guys just drink like they think nothing will happen and if it does we have to or will i have to go through that pain again of saying good by to some one else. One question who is next just because you are young do not think that you can not be hurt yes you can.And think about the people that will still be here missing you.I know i miss my best friend every day and i will never stop loveing and missing him.the pain never goes away I should know.

Denny Soinski

The article entitled “Risk to College Students” triggered some of my thoughts on "What Causes College Students to Abuse Alcohol"? Although the answers are probably many, the simplest answer, however, is this: “Because they can.”

When there are so few immediate consequences for excessive drinking, when repeat offenders are not disciplined, when parents are not notified about their children's drinking activities, when students get mixed messages from the college administration about alcohol, when students have seen their parents drinking alcohol in an irresponsible manner, when students are not informed about the long-tern negative consequences of alcohol abuse, when there are few alcohol-free social and recreational activities that are attractive to students, when minors or intoxicated students are served alcoholic beverages by the local drinking establishments, and when the drinking activities in the sororities and fraternities are not monitored--drinking and excessive drinking become so very easy.

When peer pressure or influence is added to the equation, when it is disregarded that drinking alcohol temporarily removes a person from his or her problems, when ignoring the belief or perception that drinking alcohol makes it easier to socialize with potential dating or sexual partners, when it is so acceptable to engage in activities that emphasize the drinking of alcohol, when the "good feelings" or the "fun" of getting an alcohol high or buzz are not considered, and when the party atmosphere at college is expected by students--it becomes more clear regarding what causes college students to abuse alcohol.

In a word, college students abuse alcohol because they can, because drinking makes them feel good, because drinking helps them relax and open up more in social situations, because drinking can be fun, because their friends and other students are doing it, because of peer pressure and peer influence, because alcohol is so accessible, because excessive drinking is accepted, and because many of them when they were in high school were told by their parents and other influential people that it is okay to get drunk “once in a while.”



Today I almost died from an alcohol overdose, I passed out and vomited all over the place and didnt wake up for like 15 hours. I don't ever want to drink again, i'm fucking shaking all over the place, cold, fucking still throwing up... my heart hurts and is pounding, my head hurts and is pounding, I've seen 2 friends die from alcohol poisoning and another 4 from a drunken car accident. It just feels like my whole world is collapsing around me and the only thing i can do to get away from it is to drink my problems away... I need help... Oh god, someone help me...


I can't contact Stephen as he did not leave a real email address.

Stephen, go to an AA meeting today. Go to two. Keep going.

christine kirsinas

I too lost a son, Jason to alcohol poisening 4/26/2004............I feel for every parent who has the same other son Justin was present during this 21st birthday celebration.......only to lose his brother after a coma for 4 days. Jason did save 4 others with organ transplant, but what a tragic loss for all of best to Gordie Baily's family................

Bob Gomez

I am new to this page. My name is Bob Gomez and I live in Tampa. I did not lose a child but I did lose my mother in a sudden and tragic accident. I began a not-for profit organization that has now evolved into assisting the families which have lost a child while away at college. We have assisted 5 families since 2007. None , interestingly, have been from alcohol. The five actually included: suicide, heart failure, motorcycle accident, pedestrian accident, and a very tragic murder. So although I have not had an alcohol related occurence, I am sure we will deal with that sooner or later. My purpose in writing here is to share my organizaton , get your thoughts, and maybe even suggestions, My web page is I am open to phone calls as wel for those of you that are interested in our organization. 2009 is a growth year throughout Florida. Our long range plans are to get established in Florida throughout the State Univeristy System , community colleges, and private schools and then grow it nationally. Thx.

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