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Friday, October 29, 2004


Linda Standley

My husband took his 1st tube of Dolivaxil last Tues. He vomited half of Thurs. This Tues. he took his 2nd tube and vomited and had diarrhea Half of Fri. He was sicker this 2nd time. He's in great health and doesn't take anything. He also does not drink or smoke. I'm afraid of him taking anymore Dolivaxil. Everything on the web says "no side effects". Can you help? Thank you.


Linda, this is probably a case of falsely linking a cause and effect. He may have had food poisoning or another illness, that is totally unrelated to the Dolivaxil.

If you have worries, take the substances--the rest of the Dolivaxil--to your local ER. This product as far as Iknow doesn't have govenrnment quality control.


I was VERY happy to find your website. (*Had been thinking about taking Dolivaxil as a preventative) Why dont these homeopathic agents list the breakdown of ingredients? (Such as 'rotten duck meat') I know, it doesnt sound very appealing, but I have a severe allergy to duck eggs,(and anything incubated in them) and definately do NOT want anything to do with ingesting any part of a duck!


Now there's an interesting thought...lori could take Oscillococcinum, and sue for being presented with a risk for allergic reation...then the Osc. manufacturers would have to say, well, there's really no duck in the preparation...

Victor Willems

I have a question. How come it is argued that the very high dilution used to make homeopatic medication makes them ineffective but that the medication has side effect? This seems totally contradictary and not very scientific.


Feeling achey. Know something is on its' way. I know this because I haven't been "under the weather" in ages. Achey. Not the "my periodsonits waylowerbackpain dontneed doctordrink anassloadof waterrestect" kind of way. I've got it, deal with it.

Head to the local "New Season's Market" (please edit for naming a market), buy this stuff and just for the "fun" of it, buy this stuff and down five of the little viles. (Ok, I live in the Pacific NW, it's cold, I want this feeling gone, not a sit in my doctor's office, although she rocks!)

Nothing. No shitting duck. (I would know, I have Crohn's, everything in smells like everything out....sorry about the graphic description). Still achey.

Pissed I dropped $15. Might have just spent the time and the insurance co-pay.

Moving forward. I found this little place on the net and thought I should rant. Back to my cats, narcotic comfort, time and a call to say I won't be in tomorrow.

Wheezzz, cough, bleh.

Thanks for lysol, bleach, covering your cough with your sleeve, I may live to see 40.



Hi, you are way wrong about Oscillococcinum and other natural remedies, I have used it many times along with collodial silver and oil of oregano and kept myself and my whole family from getting sick last year, while others around us were comming down with that nasty chest cold we did not get it. Or anything else for that matter.What proof do you have that Oscillococcinum is dilute rotten duck meat? A MD probably came up with that one!


Marcia is a prime example of refusing to think. A single case study (such as hers) is no match for double-blind studies, in which neither the researchers nor the experimental subjects know who is recieving a placebo and who is recieving the substance under study. That is the only way to separate random chance (not everyone gets sick) from efficacy.

Reread the essay. Oscillococcinum does not prevent or treat flu.


All I know is that it has alway's worked for us. I know quite a few people it has helped also, but you are right, it may not work for everyone. It would be interesting to do a study though. I think people should not be so narrow minded when it comes to natural remedies. Some work some don't Lot's of water and vitamin C is usually a good bet. People should not realy take anything over the counter if they are under a DR.s care.


It's pretty obvious to me that any one who does the public the disservice of slandering HOMEOPATHY on the internet has NEVER had ANY experience with the VERY POWERFUL HEALING that these remedies can provide.I have 4 children,We started using a CLASSICAL HOMEOPATH IN Billings,Montana,after our 2 year old son developed asthma and we were taking him to the emergency room for nebulizer treatments more and more often and to doctors every month(sometimes twice) over a twelve month period,the attacks were getting more severe,and he was becoming more sensitive to more triggers.The doctors said"get a nebulizer and learn to live with it.Also handing me a bottle of liquid prednisone for my son!Our miracle came to me one night as I was watching t.v.and turned to the CNBC channel,there was a guest Homeopath on the program,and a live caller said that her child had severe asthma and allergies and could Homeopathy cure it.The Homeopath said,"Yes,just be sure to go to a classical Homeopath.So,I looked in my phone book,and found our Classical Homeopath,He's also a board certified physician)needless to say,my son was on a remedy for 1 week,during which time he took very long deep restful naps every day,after a week he lost his white waxy appearance,wasn't coughing and weezing,so,I dared to let him run and play outside with his brother,that was it!He has never had a problem since!He is now 16 and healthy!We have been using Homeopathy ever since,OH,YES,The BIG "O"OSCILLOCOCCINUM Is AMAZING!WE HAVE IT IN OUR Remedy box!My mom and dad can attest to this flu remedy,it has kicked their flu after the first of the three dose treatments,or in other words,within 6 hours,feeling really good,but,it is important to take it at first sign of the flu,and to follow through with the last 2 doses as instructed,even though you are feeling relief.Over the last 14 years,the illnesses that our family have been successfully treated for are too many to count!The doctor told my dad about 8 years ago that the pain in his thumb was rhumatoid arthritis and there was no cure.Well,bryonia fixed it right up.The pain was no more.I am a firm believer in Homeopathy,the fact that it works on children and animals should tell eveyone the cure is real. No placebo affect .By the way,if you have a thrombosed hemmoroid or other severe hemmoroids,don't get surgery,2 people in our family have been treated and cured with RHUS TOX!!!I had relief wihin 1 week,and the thrombosed hemmoroid was gone completely within 2 weeks.Anyway,I could go on and on,but,find yourself a Classical Homeopath,and judge for yourself.By the way,the bottles of remedies,which can never be patented by drug companies are only around $10.00 for a bottle of 250 tablets!If you have trouble getting to sleep or have restless sleep,try CALMS FORTE,a combination Homeopathic Remedy,it's great!


Let's face it,this is a lose lose situation for the non Homeopathic medical industry,unless they get schooled in homeopathy also,because the remedies cannot be patented,which means they stay reasonable in price,and they also see natural medicine is working and growing in popularity with great speed,people want relief without the harm that alot of traditional medicines cause.And they cure and don't just cover up symptoms,homeopathy treats the whole person,not just a singled out symptom.People need to realize they can have the best of both worlds,There is a time for both traditional medicine and homeopathy,and people should not try to treat their children or themselves.


Marcia and Teresa ... Nice to hear from some intelligent people! I think Liz is the one refusing the think here, sorry! I have to agree with both your views, however having been on this side of the fence for many years, it takes a lot for people to finally open their eyes.

I don’t blame the doctors though; their blind leaders govern the medical profession. They omit so much information in the ‘retelling’ of their stories, though. Things like Stephen Barrett, the self-proclaimed authority on Quackwatch, is himself a fraud. He has now, thankfully, been exposed, according to the press release issued October 13/05.

Then, we have statistics published in The New England Journal of Medicine … the DOCTORS’ bible … it is estimated that ONLY 15% … of medical intervention is proven. WOW … staggering … that means that 85 % of them are excursions into the unknown, with us as guinea pigs. Doesn’t that inspire confidence?

Don’t be fooled. There ARE studies ... valid studies, but many are shelved by the various medical associations before they even see light of day. How do I know? I have friends and family members who are doctors in alternative fields.

It is no wonder that those turning to complementary therapies (and studies HAVE shown this) are usually more educated and often more affluent. We're the ones who can't be as easily duped.

But let those that want their illusions, keep them. I have used homeopathic remedies for years on my family, my animals and myself. They work: simply and effectively. But then, I’m also a Reiki Master and according to many who tout the medical establishment that is also ineffective. However, I do find those who are not only intelligent, but also open-minded see that there is room at the table for all forms of medicine. It is only those with myopic views that continue to proclaim that there is only one right, one-size-fits-all type of medicine.

Oh, and as a quick FYI ... ask many of the local distributors of Dolivaxil and Influenzinum, they'll be the first to let you know that many who purchase these products ARE doctors, nurses and other medical professionals. Do they know something they don't want to tell you??


After my first flu shot several years ago I came down with the flu and could not get rid of the symptoms for several months. The next flu season after that experience and for the past several years I have been using Dolivaxil and have not had the flu once. My question: Why has Dolivaxil been taken off the market?


Just for the record, I'd never heard of Oscillococcinum until my friend's dad (a pharmacist) reccomended it. I've had great results with it, and I don't really care if it has duck testicles in it--it works for me. Also, it's a very juvenile attitude to bash something when you haven't even tried it. Go ahead and believe your studies. Oh, and can you remind me how long people smoked before we "discovered" from COUNTLESS studies that cigarette smoking was harmful to your health? But it's your blog, rant erroneously about whatever crap you want.


"Also, it's a very juvenile attitude to bash something when you haven't even tried it" -- I don't need to try something that is indistiguishable from water.


Sorry for my poor English.However,not me,nor my daughter had any kind of a remedy only by believeing that it's a remedy.I personally so much untrustful to any medicine,that actually never (for a long life)used any drugs(and last 20 years never visited doctors...and even do not have any medical insurance).Well,flu always was my enemy and I patiently went through those days without any treatment except fruits and tea(ginger etc.)Last Monday me and my daughter got a terrible flu's start--all the simptoms in its worsest faces.And since last flu just few months ago gave to both us an asthma simptoms,I looked at www and immediately (12-18 hours after flu started)found and bought Oscillococcinum,--believe me,without any hope that it will work,because nothing ever helped my daughter previously whatever I was buying after the best publicity of the drug.Amasingly next morning(first dose was taking around midnight)we both feeled almost well,Tuesday evening really feeled as never had flu.I am generally a sceptical about the effect of any drugs,never taking even antibiotics.So,what means that effect?Placebo? But why any other drugs in similar situation did not work at least for my daughter similarly, as a placebo?And honestly,yesterday,before starting use Oscillo I was even more sceptical than ever.Well,now I will just wait for another opportunity to look at the effect.May be the heavy start of the flu does not means it is a really bad flu?


what are the ingredients in influenzimum?
why are the companies promoting it refusing to disclose ths information?


Why is it that people who believe in homeopathy never seem to be able to spell or use capitals properly? What else did they miss in school? Anecdotal I know, but isn't that what they live on???


People are so distrusting of the Medical community and Pharmaceutical companies, yet they are able to provide proof of the efficacy of their treatements and they thouroughly(usually) test their products and have them regulated.
Homeopathic remedies are not regulated or standardized and can actually be harmfull to ones health. Don't believe me? Just look up "Warfarin" and "Chamomile" interactions on the net. I dare ya.
Has it ever occured to any of you naive new agers that homepaths are out to make money? Don't get me wrong. So are the pharmaceutical companies, but the Pharmaceutical companies are kept in line and are subject to inspections and approval of their products. They have to prove their products work, and they must standardize them and list all ingredients.
Ever heard of a double blind, controled study? I'm sure every homeopath out there has. It is their arch-nemesis because it has prooven time and again that they are full of hooey.
Homeopaths are completly unregulated. They could sell you urine in a vial and call it whatever they want! They could claim it does anything they want!
Homeopaths prey on the "worried well".

I would like to end my post with a comment about natural flu preventitives and how they can indirectly kill people.
If you are not allergic to egg protein, and have no other medical condition that should prevent you from getting the shot, PLEASE get one! Not doing so should be considered an offense. Do you people have ay idea how many people die of influenza every year? The deaths are almost always the elderly, so why should you have to get your shot? Your young right? Your strong? You can take the chance on a natural remedy? Get that shot so that you don't pass the flu to anyone else! Particulary the elderly!
Not getting your shot is irresponsible and selfish and I wish it were mandatory to get immunized each year. If it were, my grandfather might still be alive today.


Pfizer inc. net income (2005): $9,000,000,000

GlaxoSmithKline plc net income (2005): $6,000,000,000

Novartis AG net income (2005): $5,000,000,000


Boiron Group net income (2005): $20,000,000

Need we say more?

Rev. Sherry McGee-Hill

When I was a teacher back in 1985, I was introduced to "Oscillococcinum". This homeopathic remedy is what kept me in the classroom, while my collegues were out due to colds/flu. I keep one with me wherever I go. I wouldn't leave home without one, because the moment I even think I might be coming down with a cold/flu, I place one tube's content under my tongue to dissolve slowly, taking the other 2 tubes within that same 24-hr. period. (Even if I don't think I need another one, for I may have mistaken my symptoms, I make sure I take another tube, just to be on the safe side.)

Oscillococcinum has been what has kept me and my family out of the doctor's office ever since. I even gave it to our foster child, whom we had staying with us on two different occasions for a total of 23 months all together. Trust me, I can't tell you why, but Oscillococcinum works!


I'm a trial and error kind of guy. Having a weak immune system I get the flu more than 2 times a year. After using Oscillococcinum I am a beliver. Nothing I've used before has worked as well. Not nyquil, tylenol, robitussin, etc etc etc. I've tried them all. What usually takes me 2-4 weeks to rid of the flu takes me 2 days with oscillococcinum. I dont know how it works but it works..

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