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Monday, October 11, 2004



Those images somehow bring clear the reality of the violence of an accident such as Mr. Reeve experienced.

Unlucky indeed.


Suzanne, falls like that aren't uncommon in the equestrian world. It's not fun, but it happens. It's not particularly violent, either. The other thing I'd like to point out in this context is that eventing, and all kinds of jumping, is relatively safe compared to other high velocity sports. Horsemanship Safety sports. The reality is, you wouldn't have heard of Chris Reeve's injury if he had not been a famous person.

The description of the fall is here, from Reeve's book.

I stopped eventing because I found I loved dressage more. I wish my daughter was an eventer--I think is is a wonderful all-around horsemanship sport. But her love is hunters, and she is happy in her hunter barn. Al Jumping.

Angelica Hernandez

Hello This pictures of him falling off the horse I was impress and I hope that his family would be ok!!!!!!


Christopher Reeves did take unfortunate fall, but like Suzanne mentioned people do fall off horses. If you really get into them and you ride long enough sooner or later you usually fall. I myself had my fair share of falls.. I have been fortunate though. I fell simpathy for Mr. Reeve's and his family. Although Mr Reeves has passed away i think he lived a good life one he and his family should be proud of, and by doing what they did and helping the people they helped, they have given many people hope about life after becoming paralized.


RIP chirstopher Always be missed :/

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