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Friday, October 22, 2004


Banna Jo

Jason's story was powerfull andI hope people read it and realize what happend. I'm doing a research projecct on the "Power Hour" and how it effects everyone in the long run, Jason will be part of my project and I hope people reach out to this and make smart choices.

Jason Nathaniel Reinhardt

My name is Jason Reinhardt...I can relate to this article. When I turned 21, I am 22 now, but I also was entered into the " Power Hour " when I was partying with some friends from Wake Forest University. It was a huge mistake, and I got alchohol poisining. I was very greatful that it wasn't fatal. The Power Hour is highly over-rated and very dangerous. People needs to think about there life ahead, rather than the day of the 21'st year.

Colleen Peterson

I used to work with Jason. He was the kindest sweetest guy ever. He made working an enjoyable time. It is so sad that something so stupid has taken away someone so wonderful. I will always remember him and what an amazing person he was.

Connie Grzadzielewski

My son is attending a friends wake as I write this. Josh was 20 and died last Friday night from alcohol poisoning. He also was a good boy. Respectful, never in trouble, but liked to drink. This is a such a sad thing. Josh did not deserve to die this way. These kids need to be educated more on alcohol and what it can do to you.
There are still many unanswered questions regarding what actually happened to Josh. I hope the truth comes out.
I know of to many kids who drink on a regular basis. I wonder how many actually get close to dying and don't even know it.

Thank You

Coach Jones

I teach at Page High School and my students are curently in the Substance Abuse Unit - I shared your story in hopes of reaching out to them - I think knowing what happen to this young man and students like him will help open their eyes.

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