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Monday, October 25, 2004



All the ads on TV say that parents should talk to their kids about the drugs and alcohol, where they are going, with whom and where they are hanging around. That's pretty good advice, but it also serves to ram your head into the sand even farther than it was. Parents need to be as devious and as paranoid as their kids in order to discover and stave off problems. My son told me that he didn't mind me searching his room for drugs ... because he had done the drugs before he even got home. So, what's wrong with a surprise Friday night or Saturday night arrival on campus for a visit? Or a surreptitious visit and surveillance? The life you save may be your own child's.


As a parent of a college sophomore, I've found these reports of excessive campus drinking alarming at minimum. I am somewhat consoled by my son sharing his tales of his exposure and participation. He has learned lessons the hard way and I am grateful those lessons did not (have not yet?) led him to become a statistic. Those talks also give us the opportunity to share yet again my wisdom and guidance to surviving such situations.

While such communication helps, a parent must still rely on their student to look out for themselves and make wise decisions. How's that for an unsettling thought?

Tammi F. Mitchell

Its funny when I decided to put my name in the google search I really did not expect to find a touching story like this but I did and I want to commend all those concerned to keep moving forward...the sky is the limit.

Tammi F. Mitchell
Freeport, Grand Bahama


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