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Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Ted McCann

I am deeply disturbed by the inuendo in your article regarding my son's tragic death at Berkley this last year. As mentioned in the article that you losley referred to there were two houses on the subject property and there is absolutely no evedince whatsoever that Pat was involved in the "drugs and guns" that were located in the other house that was occupied by non students. I have been in constant contact with the Berkley detectives and I am very well aware of the situation. Patrick's best friend even said he left the frat house to concentrate on academics. Patrick was intellegent, athletic, and had a magnetic personality that effected not only the students at Berkley, but he also was able to meet and positvely effect many people aroung the world because of his gifted athletic ability and positive personality.
The unsubstantiated inuendo in this artcle serves no positive purpose. Why would you print this?


edited for languageF----- Rich College Losers. F---- off and do not go to school.


I just have to say I have known Pat since elementary school. He was a great guy. He was intelligent, good humored and extremely genuine. He had a really calming presence on people. Although I am unaware of the cause of death, I have to say that I am saddened by articles like this neglect to mention his wonderful character and instead focus on the unfortunate circumstances that may or may not be related to his death.

Patrick McCann

i overdosed on drugs

it was all fun until i carked it

but i would to it again if i had the chance cause im a loser

Patrick McCann

the real reason i died is that the cock i was sucking on spurted and then got stuck in my throat

for more than one reason i now will never deep throat again


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