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Friday, October 15, 2004


Laurie Monahan

We are part of Gordie's family-We want Leslie and Michael to make this a national cause and want them to continue with the awareness that they have brought to this tragic issue-They need to hold the university responsible and all those who were involved-Gordie was here for a reason and we all need to carry out his mission.

Mary Fitzpatrick

My heart goes out to all of Gordie's family - Leslie and Michael and their daughter are all being so strong. Good luck for the future, and know that you all will be in my prayers, and I will do my best to spread Gordie's story to my children. Gordie sounds like a great boy, and he has such a warm smile.


I am a student at the University of Colorado and I am deeply concerned with irresponsible drinking here. My prayers are with Gordie's family and I only hope something like this won't happen again. However, CU has become the martyr for negative media frenzy. Granted, we have had a lot of misfortunes this year, there is no reason to point out underage drinking at CU as if it doesn't happen anywhere else. I've been to several parties on other college campuses including Northern Arizona University, CSU, and even the "perfect" USC and can tell you firsthand that there is an equal amount of drinking at all those places. The media so easily overlooks the numerous nobel prize winners, scholars and outstanding professors coming from CU yet can, without even thinking twice, label our school "the breeding ground for underage drinking." Nobody even remembers that Wieman was voted professor of the year yet EVERYONE has heard about Ward Churchill and our President resigning. This is the first time I can truly say that the grown-ups need to grow up! I love my school and I know the value of the knowledge I'm gaining here, even if everyone else doesn't. I didn't come here to drink myself silly. I didn't come here because it's the "number one party school man!" I came here because I know the true value of CU and I can maturely overlook the media machine and gossip that surrounds this institution.


First of all, I'm appalled to see that the last comment on this page was in 2005. So easily people forget or move on like they don't care.

I just came across the movie Haze on Hulu 2 hours ago. Just watched it. RIP Gordie.

I would like to help this foundation get their point across - Just not sure how - You can reach me @ - Anytime.

My love goes out to his family.



The Bailey-Lanahan family can do the most good for college kids and their families by not supporting underaged drinking. In this article as well as the one in the Denver Post, they speak of Gordie being allowed to drink at home and at parties - a teenaged boy! I don't know the dynamics of the family, but they knew he was developing a pattern of alcohol usage and did nothing about it!! I think this is the biggest message that they can send... I regret their loss but if they had not created a supportive culture of underaged drinking, it is likely that Gordie would be around today.

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