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Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Sophie Johnson

I am astonished especially by this one of your lies about Dr David Pugh:

"July 8, 2003: Lifeline Care, Dr. Pugh's clinic, did not prepare the measles vaccine properly."

This charge was not even brought against him: there was no scope for it, since there was nothing wrong with Dr Pugh's vaccine preparations, as the NHS grudgingly admitted.

You speak of dreams? Wake up, then. Realise that Dr Pugh confessed to forgery because the prosecution, not managing to bring a case against him, accused his daughter of it. And the accusation was not retracted until his `confession'.

I wonder about people like you: bad-mouthing hags.

linda hudson

4 NOV 2009,MY SON WAS GIVEN ONE INJECTION AT pughs clinic and he was fine i took my son back months after an he had another injection he was not fine this time he was very poorly his leg was so s
wollen and pus coming out of
the leg itook him to the Gp he said he thought had a reaction but later ifound out that it was where the vaccine had not been prepared correctly, the doc who gave the vaccine did not seem to happy about giving him the injection either,
at the time and i felt something was wrong, my son could have died of blood poisening this man is more than a fraudster , he could have caused the death of a child , i dont understand how a docter could do this , my son was very poorly.

linda hudson

sorry about spelling and grammer, its a little late and i am ready for bed, i just wanted to say my bit on Dr Pugh.


dr pugh treated my whole family for years, he missdiagnosed my son twice over a six month period as having constipation, he had a kidney tumour and had a 1kg tumor removed 5 days after Dr Pugh told us it was constipation. i demanded a copy of his medical records which took over a year to get and several key visits were absent; he forgot he had also claimed for them from my medical insurance so they were easy to prove as actual. this man is a quack and a fraudster

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