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Saturday, November 27, 2004


Ben Harris

Having read your feelings about Steven Williams I have to think that you are so open minded that your brain fell out. Mr Williams was not teaching (or preaching, whatever) religion. As I understood it, he was teaching HISTORY! And wether you like it or not, the Declaration of Independence is part of our history. And the men who wrote that document were, again, like it or not, Christians.

Now, I can see if a teacher was saying that "You are going to hell if your are not a practicing Christian" some form of retaliation. However, isn't it important for kids of any religion (or even no religion, like me) to understand where the people who helped give me the freedom to write this and you the right to read it and think me stupid and those kids and their parents the right to practice any religion they want? Would you say that the Declaration of Independence is a document not worth reading?

I love this country. It hurts my heart to see people saying that because of the constitution we can't read the Declaration of Independence. Have people become so politically correct that we must exculde every mention of god? (unless of course, it is a god other than the Christian or Jewish god... talk about Allah? That's Diversity!!)

What happened to good old fasioned tolerance? The learned people of this country (who seem to be by-and-large liberal) are pushing us to socialism or even worse comunism, where everyone must be alike to be part of society. I don't care what your skin color is or religion or sex or gender prefrence. However, I do have a problem with being part of the group who PC nuts have most often attacked: I am white, male, and Anglo-Saxton and was brought up Protestant. Now, what makes me any less sensitive to people degrading me, my community or the religion of my father?

I want my kids, if I ever have any, to live in a country were inteligent discussion and intelligent disagreement is encouraged, not called bigotry.

Mr Williams states " At the beginning of last year, towards about three weeks into it, after studying the Pledge, the student asked, Mr. Williams, why do we have "under God" in the Pledge?"

Where is the harm in this? The student was doing what students are supposed to do. Ask questions in the persuit of wisdom. Are we to tell kids that they can not learn in school what they want becuase it might make another student think and question what he has been told all his life?

If from an early age, a student had been told by his parents that drugs are ok, even if they are illegal. That same student then goes into a DARE program or similar where they are shown films or articles about how drugs ruin your life. That child would question, probably in a constructive way, what he had been told by his parents. Now, I do not mean to equate drugs and religion (although drugs are probably safer) but I mean to draw your attention to the fact that thinking is NOT bad.

Facists want to think for their people. Socialists and communists want to tell people how to act, who to socialize with, what they can and can't read see and hear.

Be tolerant of everyone, and let everyone be tolerant of me is all I ask. Everything can't be the way people want it to be. We can't all be Bill Gates, no matter how much we want to. If everyone would put themselves in someone elses shoes, and not be quite so self centered the world would be a better place.

Thanks, Ben Harris

Joe Polk

Whether there were muslim, budhist, or whatever children in there is completely beside the point. The fact is that Christianity and Judeo-Christian values played a huge part in our history and the construction of a nation. This is a historical fact. Note: HIS-TOR-I-CAL! The Left in this country realizes all to well that if they can strip Christianity and it's morality from this country, they've opened a huge door to socialism. This isn't some conspiracy theory, this is a diliberate attempt veiled in academia and is well documented. Unfortunately, we have to fight the symptoms of it, stories like these. It is time we had a constitutional amendment protecting the religious references in the schools when pertaining to history to further clarify "separation of church and state" which is a bastardized concept in our country. We've gone far beyond it's intent to the point of not be FREE to speak of God in the classroom.



You can see the actual complaint at
It leaves no real room for argument that Mr. Williams was just trying to teach fifth-grade history objectively. The materials he selected were clearly selected *and edited* for their actual or apparent endorsement of religion.


here's a link to my 2 cents on the topic. take a look


I think that this complaint comes by one disgruntled parent. Its similar to the athiest who sued over the pledge.

The leftest agenda has been running rapid through our great nation to ban and re-write the pledge, declaration of independance, our own dollars, etc just to have one word REMOVED "GOD".

But the left has chosen to tolerate such religions as the radical islam here in America.

Judge Moore in Alabama that was removed from his bench for refusing to remove the ten commandments was BS.

How does a stone, pledge, declaration of independance, or the word GOD effect them? Can any leftest NUT answer that?

This great nation was not founded by Jews, Muslims, etc. Its our heritage they are trying to re-write and we all will stand up and defend our rights.


First of all, these children are in America, their parents came to America knowing full well that this is a Christain country,founded by Christains, and the documents that govern this country are founded in Christain doctrine.

If those people are so worried that their children will be offened by what this teacher is teaching, then I suggest they pull their children out of that school.

As an Ameican I am sick and tired of bending over backwards even at the expense of curtailing my believes just to make some people who have decided to live in my country confortable and not offended...

If they don't like the way we as Americans conduct our school classes and teach OUR history then they need to pack their bags and their children and go back where they came from. And while they are at it take all those liberals that call themself Americans with them..



Wow there is some highly sophisticated debate going on here.

I still would like to hear from someone who actually knows why Mr. Williams was disciplined and why he felt it was a good idea to involve a national organization in the affairs of one little elementary school.


Well, Ed is (as usual) taking the conversation to a higher level:

Anyway, I had said in my initial message that I thought the media coverage, drawing on the press release sent out by the Alliance Defense Fund, was misrepresenting the facts. The ADF sent out a press release with the title "Declaration of Independence Banned from Classroom", but the truth is that the principal wouldn't let the teacher hand out a bunch of supplemental materials that includes an excerpt from the Declaration of Independence along with lots and lots of other things. That's not honest, in my view, and the media, by and large, ran with it anyway. That drew the response of James Henderson, senior counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), the group founded by Pat Robertson as an answer to the ACLU, who doesn't think the ADF press release was dishonest. Here is the passage in his response to me that I find most fascinating:

go read the rest It is dishonest special pleading.


this is from IP address, which is Sprint PCS. Hmmmn. The email is "laugh101@hotmail." Why do I think this is NOT a parent in Mr. Williams class?

Dear Principal Vidmar,

Due to the recent lawsuit filed by my daughter’s teacher, Mr. Williams, against the Cupertino Union School District and several others, I feel compelled to notify you of my intention. I will not be requesting a withdrawal out of his class. While I am not familiar with all of the issues regarding the lawsuit, I do not feel that there is any reason for me to be concerned as to his teaching abilities. I am comfortable with his teaching style and curriculum. Upon registering my daughter at Stevens Creek Elementary School, I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Williams and have a parent teacher conference with him. I was impressed by his professionalism, loyalty to the children, and serious focus on education. He has helped my daughter acclimate to the school and its demands.

There have been numerous changes within the public school system over the past thirty years; much of it atrocious. I am sure that you are aware of the shortened school day, the decreased (percentage wise) wages of the certificated staff, the often disputed state-mandated unequal testing mannerisms, and the heightened burden on parents to complete the teachings that were unable to be taught by the staff due to the shortage in materials, staff members themselves, and a well balanced curriculum. When I pay taxes, I expect the money to, among other things; help fund a public school system that is fair and equal to all persons (children and staff) regardless of race, age, gender, economic status, religious affiliation, or intellectual level, and one that will teach the children of America the truth about its past, present, and future. When a teacher is prevented from teaching proper material, then the parents must spend additional time doing so. A certificated teacher has more experience and training to do this than most parents. Teachers are treated horribly, yet they have one of the most important jobs…they mold our future; the same future that will take care of you and I when we are no longer able to do so.

I am appalled that anybody would prevent a teacher from teaching truthful materials such as the foundation upon which our Declaration of Independence was based. While the writers of American history books and the regulators of the persons presenting such material can twist the facts in any which way they want, one fact remains; it will do the children of today no good to learn the sweetened warped misnomers of our past in such a way that tomorrow other countries will look at us and laugh simply because we have chosen to forget our roots and instead try to change our history instead of working diligently on making better our present and future.

"Next in importance to freedom and justice is popular education, without which neither freedom nor justice can be permanently maintained". - James A. Garfield, July 12, 1880 US general & politician (1831 - 1881)


The poster says she is a parent, I 've asked for bona fides, if none appear, out the comment goes.


here is the old editorial which has been moved:

thanks for updating the link


The alleged parent (who will not responde to repeated emails) is a fraud.

dan tshyai

Williams has been at the school for 8 years, he said. He,also, said he never had any trouble with the assignments he gave students. Did anyone think to wonder how long he has been a christian? Answer- a couple of year- when his problems with the district began.


Hi there, thanks for stopping by. I am guessing (without any hard data) that Mr. Williams was provided at some point in the last 36 months with a packet of handouts from his church or a related organization. I am also guessing that he became more ardent about including mention of his faith in classroom discussion.

The real problem for me here is a national organization (the Alliance Defense Fund) effectively high-jacking an organization (the Stevens Creek School) for the ends of raising funds to advance their anti-public school, anti-democracy agenda.

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