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Friday, November 12, 2004



Here's the best version, I believe:


Another Loud And Clear (tm) (one of these days I'll have to learn more) message that We Are Purple:

Most folks would assume that shooting sports folks are bright, bright red. Well, they aren't uniform in the My President, My Hero mindset:

There is little joy in my heart today, but much relief, for as flawed as I feel you have sometimes appeared, I prefer your stolid doggedness to your opponent's opportunism and fecklessness. However, I cannot be alone in my vague unease at the possibility that last night's vote count where Republicans added to their congressional advantage, retained the White House and took the popular vote decisively, will be seen as an absolute referendum and a nationwide nod of assent for religious fundalmentalism in our government.

I do not want to us to become much more like our fanatic enemies...

You have a great chance to make strides in mending our nation's political wounds. You could start (imho) by ceasing to incessantly cite God as your adviser. I admire individual faith as much as the next guy, but only to a point. I do not care to be constantly reminded that a leader draws his guidance straight from God, for God gave us all free will and intellect with the intent that it be used. You, and we, should attempt at all times to wield this great gift sans the impulse to credit a fundalmentalist, Christian deity as the source of authority.

I am, along with all the citizens of America, all the authority any President need reference.

Just keep it more personal, please, and give the Muslims, Jews, atheists, Buddhists and Zoroastrians a little breathing room from fear that they will soon be required to wear color coded religious markers on their outerwear. And don't laugh, there are more than a few good, loyal Americans who harbor at least a little trepidation on this score...

While I'm at it, please show us the humility that I know grounds your faith by listening to those of us in the country who are troubled by Iraq and the fact of our young people dying bringing democracy to a people who don't seem to be clamoring for it.

Listen to those scholars and theologians and scientists who wrestle with stem cell research and other potentially miraculous uses of the marvelous capabilities of the human mind to relieve suffering. Realize how jarringly discordant and cruel closing this tiny lighted door at the end of a family's miserable battle with disease sounds and don't have a tin ear for their pain and their hopes. Perhaps you won't change your mind, but at least allow the possiblity that you won't necessarily stand in the way if most Americans can resolve their personal ethical conflicts with this science.

Allow reasoned dissent among your advisers and recognize the gift you are given, as a second term President, to govern and lead purely by conscience and integrity. Force your majorities in both houses to address the weighty issues of the day that can only be made better by bi-partisan ship. Defy your domestic and foreign critics by displaying real statesmanship and pass on the impulse to retort a few times so that we can mend some fences in time for the bigger fights that undoubtedly lie ahead.

Keep loving your wife and kids and family and by doing so, show America that belief in your family, and loyalty to them, is the axle around which all good things turn in a civilised society - and just once in a while, let it simply be assumed by all of us that God figures in your approach to the duties of a husband, father and son. And please, stop the nonsense about a Constitutional Amendment regarding gay marriage. Monogamous gays will not destroy America, but obstinance and unecessary tinkering with the Constitution may.

You should also read the quotes that follow.


AFS is Andy F Somebody, who quotes John HIatt and made a ton of money and likes wing shooting and fine guns.

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