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Wednesday, December 22, 2004




It’s not necessarily that the doctor signing the death certificate is trying to minimize the person’s death or obscure the fact that alcohol was the cause. The law here in Arizona and many other states requires one to list anatomy as a cause of death, not pathophysiology. Asphyxiation is a physical (anatomy) reason as the cause of death. Mitochondrial paralysis due too alcohol intoxication is more technically a pathophysiological reason for the death, but the state won’t accept that if you write it on the death certificate. One may use alcohol intoxication as a factor in the death but it has to be listed as a contributing factor and not the primary reason for the death.

Theresa Ostien

Kimberly Ostien, age 18, died on November 25, 2003 in her dorm room at Neumann College, Aston, PA from alcohol poisoning.
You can visit our website at
Kim would have been 19 on Dec. 26th.
We too are trying to get the message out.
Theresa Ostien


Let us kill the plague before it kills our kids.

Bunny Galladora

I am working on a project "Face the Tears". I am creating a display that will serve as a visible reminder of the pain caused by alcohol. Would you be interested in helping. I am collecting stories (about 2 pages) about how alcohol negitively impacted people.

I also would like each story to have a cloth handkerchief that will represent the tears of those in pain and a photo (of either the person who died or a photo of the person who wrote about their sorrow) to include in the display. Items will not be returned and will become the property of the display.

Thanks for your consideration.

Please send items to:
Face the Tears Project
c/o Bunny S. Galladora
17826 Stoneridge Dr.
North Potomac, MD 20878


I had a friend who died of alchohol overdose. He was very popualar and the nicest guy ever he had everything going for him, he was only 14 but now hes gone. Its been 2 years since he died and we all miss him soo much! Just trying to get the word out of how much alchchol can hurt people, it took my friend I dont it take anybody else.
Tawny of bakersfield


We are talking about alcohol in our health class and i was wondering if you can give me some info thanks a lot bye


One of my cousins had experienced alcohol poisoning. We immediately get him down to the hospital, where he undergone a stomach pump to get the alcohol out of his system. I think this is the most effective treatment for alcohol poisoning, and it’s very important that you get this done as quickly as possible. Thank God he survived.

He was advised to mix in some non alcoholic drinks while drinking, as this would help to reduce his craving.

Rizzle Vizzle

Thank god for reinstating some kind of natural selection.

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