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Wednesday, December 22, 2004


Lindsay Walker

Just so you know, my little sister did not die on the floor of her room, as is stated in the news article you have posted on your site. My mother went in and took off Ashley's Converse that she'd fallen asleep in, and tucked her in. When my mother found Ashley the next morning, she was still curled up on her bed, with the dog looking up at my mom as if to say, "something's not right...". The firemen who responded to my mother's 911 call found Ashley on the floor, because that is where they had instructed her to attempt CPR on her motionless baby girl.


Hi i found this story really sad as i have been in the same situation. I drank to much and was unconsious its not the same as dying but i had my friends round me and without one of them calling the ambulance i would have been dead within the next 10mins. After this happened i realsied how important life is as i had suffered from really bad depression before and suicide thoughts. I am only 14 to and it make me really sad to read this story about this young girl who died and makes me really think of how lucky i was. I feel deep sympathy for her friends and family and want to say dont drink it may seem cool but at our age it really damages your body.


I cried after reading this story. For the first time on the 28th April 06, i had to rush to the hospital to see my 14yr old daughter completely out of it on a hospital bed. Thankgod she pulled through and i have her with me today. I thought that i had talked enough sense into her never ever to be waylayed into a situation like this, but being around friends or so called friends who persisted on her drinking to be in the gang does not help. I only hope this has scared her enough not to do it again.

Denny Soinski

The sad story about Ashley reminds me of an article I recently read that entitled: "What Causes College Students to Abuse Alcohol"? The answers are probably many, but the simplest answer is this: Because they can.

When there are so few immediate consequences for excessive drinking, when repeat offenders are not disciplined, when parents are not notified about their children's drinking activities, when students get mixed messages from the college administration about alcohol, when students have seen their parents drinking alcohol in an irresponsible manner, when students are not informed about the long-tern negative consequences of alcohol abuse, when there are few alcohol-free social and recreational activities that are attractive to students, when minors or intoxicated students are served alcoholic beverages by the local drinking establishments, and when the drinking activities in the sororities and fraternities are not monitored---drinking and excessive drinking become so very easy.

When peer pressure or influence is added to the equation, when it is disregarded that drinking alcohol temporarily removes a person from his or her problems, when ignoring the belief or perception that drinking alcohol makes it easier to socialize with potential dating or sexual partners, when it is so acceptable to engage in activities that emphasize the drinking of alcohol, when the "good feelings" or the "fun" of getting an alcohol high or buzz are not considered, and when the party atmosphere at college is expected by students----it become more clear regarding what causes college students to abuse alcohol.

In a word, college students abuse alcohol because they can, because drinking makes them feel good, because drinking helps them relax and open up more in social situations, because drinking can be fun, because their friends and other students are doing it, because of peer pressure and peer influence, because alcohol is so accessible, because excessive drinking is accepted, and because many of them started drinking when they were Ashley's age.


why ashley?she was so loving and caring,she did not deserve this whatsoever,she made a lasting impression on everyone she met.We miss you and love you Ashley,your forever in our hearts and minds,never to be forgotten.



I talked with family and friends.

Ashley Mangus died from a self-inflicted overdose of fifty Vicodin tablets. It had nothing to do with alcohol.

All you self-serving voyeurs who were so anxious to fabricate press releases, toot your horns and abuse her friends, make me ill.

She was an adult, who was controlled, abused, exploited and preyed upon by a disgusting theocratic government that cannot control its obscene obsession with the bodies and lives of others, and which would simply not LET her be an adult.


One more thing...

In the process of following this, I have become a good friend and neighbor of Ashley's boyfriend, Kevin, and several of their friends. Though I have witnessed frequent harassment of some of the most responsible teen adults I know (far more so than the "legal" adults in the neighborhood), their behavior remains something to make their families proud.

Sheriff, you're not needed. We'll take care of ourselves. Honesty and responsibility works just fine for us.

greg brown

does any body know how to get in touch with beverly mangus. if so email me at [email protected] i was so shocked to here about ashley


Wow,it's been so long.We miss you Ashley it's still hard to believe that you're actually gone.So much has happened and i would give anything for you to be back to experience it.
We love you.

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Really very sad story. Hope such kind of stories brings awareness among people.

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kevin gomez

i love and miss you ashley and i always will <3 why did you have to go and for the record she died 12-4-04 the day before my 17th birthday

miss and love you always ash

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