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Tuesday, December 21, 2004



Gosh! How can it happen? We've tried so hard to protect our children from that, but I'm afraid, no laws can help us...


How ironic that his mother, was conivicted of a second degree felony for dwi and killing someone back in September '99!


Steven Judd was my friend...he was the most incredible person in the world. And laws can protect us...(as stated in an earlier comment) But even so...we've all heard the saying, laws are meant to be broken....but peer pressure had more to do with it than any law....we're responsible for our own actions...even if it has a bad outcome...i love him with all my heart...and i miss him..".May the angels lead him to paradise..."

Thianna Renee Corbin

Billy was my brother and none of you know the real story so mind your own business you only know what you read in the paper and other peoples gossip!

melissa govea

Billy will always be loved n missed. He was my neighbor, my best friend, my kids loved him. Billy wasn't your average trouble maker. Didn't do drugs n didn't drink. Therefore it was hard for us to believe he died of alcohol poisoning. He had some problems with some guys who happened to be friends with the owner of the house. Would harass him n his family daily. Billy was a senior at the time of this horrible accident n worked to help his family make ends meet. I was one of the people who started the main search for Billy cause him not callin or comin home for days was not normal at all. I myself went to this Jeremiah's house n questioned him bout Billy. Jeremiah was also a friend of mine at the time. He straight out lied to me in my face n told me Billy had went home walkin the morning after party. Billy was a great guy who touched many. Before you come on here judgin his mom or him in any way why don't you put yourself or a loved one in his place or his familys. Things happen out of the blue for nothing. Billy was not a drinker. I know that for a fact. For them to say he died of alcohol poisonin is B.S..This pisses me off cause some people are just plain stupid. You up their whos talkin bout his moms past. Shut the hell up..Everyone makes mistakes. You aint perfect i am sure..

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