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Tuesday, December 14, 2004



Non of you fools now the truth and are makeing it seem like a murder so shut your pie holes if anyone was at fault that would be jis mom for not taking him to the ER


you must be drunk typing that. It wasnt his moms was everyones fault at that party. if i remember correctly, the word 'faggot' was written on him and his 'friends' that dropped him off the first time LEFT him on the porch, the second car drove by and saw him laying there....keep in mind it was DECEMBER in Colorado...some friends they were.
RIP Nick

a close friend that misses him dearly

I don't care whose fault it was. I was a close friend of his when he lived in Big Timber I know that no matter what non of us would be crude enough to just drop him off on the front door and write all over his body. I don't know what kind of friends he got stuck with down there but obvisously they weren't the kind to care. Tamra we all love you very much and miss you and the kids like crazy. RIP Nick!

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