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Sunday, December 05, 2004



Forget the Christmas tree, the whole of Christmas is a hijacked pagan festival celebrating the winter solstice and worshiping the Roman god of Saturnalia. This celebration dates back at least 4,000 years.

The 25th of December was chosen by the Pope in 320 AD as the notional birth date of Christ because it enabled him to leverage off the birthday of the Persian sun god, Mithras, who was particularly popular with the peasants at the time.

Given that the shepards were watching their flocks by night when Jesus was born it is far more likely his real birthday was some time in late spring, early summer.


Still - why bother? Unless you're a worshipper of Mithras, why go along with the hooha? It's not to say that I don't "enjoy" the holiday season, I do. But I don't act it out, the way I do, say, Thanksgiving. Now that's a holiday I can relate to!


Oh yeah -- get up, you slug! Time to go running tomorrow morning! Up and at 'em, you'll be glad you did!


Yeah, but if the Ditz heritage is anything, it is sort of Alpine. Oh, look, the greenman is there, too!

While the BITTO VALLEY of GEROLA bears witness to a fascinating historical-naturalistic past, as can be seen, for example, in the specialist Museum of the "Wild Man" in Sacco; the Wild Man is a figure of alpine mythology, hairy, with a flowing beard and armed with a knotty club:

Or maybe we should begin to propitiate Barbegazi or perhaps the famous dwarves of Switzerland

According to these folks, True Christians don't celebrate Christmas....

I suppose we are more pagan than not, trees, trees, lovely trees: The crime of St. Boniface gives rise to the evergreen tree in the house.

According to Ulansey, Mithras wasn't the Persian Mithra at all, but a Roman cult (in the proper sense, not the brain-washing sense). According to the Temple of Mithras, yep, he's Persian all right, and a military cult.


Ah, but did you go running this morning?
OK, back to work ...

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