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Wednesday, December 08, 2004



Look at the attitudes of the dogs in the background. They look slightly interested, but that's all. I haven't hunted cat with dogs, but I have hunted bear (with the same kind of dogs), and they're usually ALL worked up in the presence of a prey animal, alive or dead. Usually, after it's killed, the dogs have to be tied up to keep them off the carcas or they'll totally destroy it. These dogs look like they might be watching a person, or some antics of the mule, but they're not turned "on". Just my opinion...


Does anyone have the original story that came with these pictures? Could you please send them to me, I wanted to share it with my Dad.
Much appreciated.


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I am really glad about your brave hearted mule. At my old foster house Gail had received this e-mail and I was very surprised. Is this the first time your mule has saved your life? Well I need to return back to class.


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Thank you for the time in reading my e-mail, and also would you please give me some info on how to train a stubburn horse who hate people who he doesn't trust and hates it when you pick something up off the ground. I also have a filly who is afraid of people and my little brother.... would one day want to go around her. I feel like I am the only one who is able to go around her. I do not know why, but she has found out that she can trust me and no one else. Please if you have time, if you are able to answer these questions for me, and one more thing, why does this horse trust me in the way that she does and no one else? Thank you for all the time that you have and answering the questions that I lay on you. I just want to know f there is something about me that all the horses love that no one else has. I'm sorry to disturb you. Please write to me soon.


I had also seen these photos before and thought I would have a look in Snopes and it appears that the mule did not kill the cat but was already dead


Sorry here is the link

jack sanders

Mr. Sanders, who has the IP address of, left the following foul-mouthed and abusive post, which I have disemvowelled

fck y btchs! y'r ll chcknshts, b cp f y wnt t hnt thngs r r y t chckn sht?




I don't understand!! The horse is trained to do that?? That's just weird if you ask me...

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