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Wednesday, January 26, 2005


*** Dave

I did something very similar last year, going from over 250 to 210 over the course of some months just by tracking calories in/out (I used BalanceLog software, but it's much the same thing). Post-holidays, I'm back again on the "geek diet" (as my wife calls it, as I record calories and stuff in my Palm). Congrats on your loss and reduced body fat, and good luck with its continuence.


Congratulations on the loss and the continued progress! It sounds like you have a handle on what works for you.

Six Pack Abs

I find that when I do my ab workout, I feel really good throughout the rest of the day. BRING ON THE BURN BABY!

Easy Weight Loss

whoa! i am 4 years behind this post! but i must say, thanks for those links! very informative..

Dave L

What a great start, I find that after a good start to your weight loss regime, you begin to draw confidence from your results which give you an additional drive to continue. Having an eating log is a good way to observe what you are eating, where you can improve and in some case where you need to add things into your diet.


I agree that once you're off to a successful start, even small, the confidence builds giving more and more drive. But for me the hardest part is getting started. Great job on your weight loss by the way, keep up the good work!

Sue Jeffreys

It is important to set small achievable goals to give you the confidence to keep going.

3 Wheel Bikes For Adults

Good for you working at your weight loss. I admire how precise you are being about your body fat content. Good job.

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