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Sunday, January 02, 2005


lisa hall

i just want everyone to know that keith was a very special person and the way the media and the press are making him seem is not keith, and i know this because ive known keith for 7 years im his brother stevens girlfriend, but i was more then that to keith he was my little brother and he is not what everyone is trying to make him out to be, so im asking for his familys sake to stop, if you dont know keith then stop running your mouths about him, and if you did know him then keep his memory alive but saying good things and rember why he died the next time you think about making the wrong decision. because thats what keith did he made the wrong decision the day he died, i know for sure he didnt mean for this to happen, im also sure he knew the risk he was taking but you people that are trying to make him out to be this horrible person and you dont even know him, take along look in the mirror and think to yourself if this was going on in your family how you would feel if you had to read things that you knew were not true, so please i will ask you again for his familys sake STOP!!!! thank you all for showing your respects to keith for those of you who attened the furneral keith. he will always live for ever in all of our hearts as long as we keep his memory alive and dont let this all go done in vain. keith we love you and we will never forget all the time we shared with you and will see you when we get our day to go home.


i also want to know how you know what keith had in his system when we the family dont even know! i suggest that all of you that are talking shit to STOP right now because you dont know what in the hell you are all talking about the newspaper writes a story for people to read but yet its all wrong if the news printed a true story they would be afraid that it would not get read. so untill you kinow the facts keep your mouths shut!!!!!!!!!!!!! lisa hall

Rob Lehmann

Let me just clear this up for all you folks who like to speculate as to what happened. I cannot believe the amount of news that has been fabricated to make this situation seem to be something that it is not. Keith was not convulsing on the floor for thirty minutes before we called 911, he was not forced to drink any alcohol, there was NOT a party at our house that evening, and we did not know about his taking of MDMA. I was sober at the time, just returning from work at about 6am, within seconds of seeing his condition the ambulance was called. I was THERE ok? I am not some reporter telling the story, some person that has no idea what is going on but is just trying to get 'the next big story' in order to boost their own career. There was no party whatsoever, our fraternity decided against a party that night and the brothers all went elsewhere. When I came home from work there were 4 people even awake in the entire house. You newspeople want to make it sound like a gross situation of neglect or an 'animal house' type fraternity throwing massive parties and killing people. You people make me sick.

Johnny Basile

I knew Keith, pretty much since I can remember. I remember the times we would play with them transformers all day in his middle room, and have Steve and Chad chase us and tickles us till I would say "I have to peeeeee!", lol the forts in his room and his parents yelling at us "go to sleep!". I remember all them good times we've had. Even though Keith didn't make the best choices, that doesn't change who he is; a wonderful, funny, caring man. Heh... I thought about talking with him in December, just to catch up on them 4 years we were "apart". Now, he's gone. I have this void in me, this craving, as I'm sure the same for many others. It's funny how people, can talk so much nonsense about other people not in any way related to them. That's america for ya. I love and miss Keith...

------Johnny Angelo Basile

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Oh no !! Howz he died ? did he suicides or murdered by anyone. I quite interested in it and would like to know the whole story from the starting..

Donald S

What I can state coming from a Law Enforcement perspective is this, if you indeed did have a party and which I find to be highly probably for a frat house on a Friday night. The fact that there was underage drinking would be the least of your concerns, the article above stated that several of you put him in a cold shower to wake him up if that is found to be true after the investigation has concluded I would and hope that every last one of you will be charged with Criminally negligent manslaughter. When there is any questionable emergency in hand 911 and the proper authorities need to be called immediately. A small charge and some school probation is a small price to pay for saving ones life especially if he is your "brother". However I am not involved in the investigation and was not there I hope justice is served and my thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of this young man.

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