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Saturday, January 29, 2005


Tom Cunliffe

How can we do without the net these days. I take my Centrino laptop with me when I travel in hopes of finding a wireless connection. The railway has it now so I'm happy! tom

*** Dave

One of the best things about WiFi is how easy it's been for hotels to install (vs wiring all rooms for Ethernet). OTOH, yeah, there's plenty of crappy wireless portals in these places.

Best advice if you're toting your own notebook is to look into a blog client, so you can compose on your own PC and, if the Net connection craps out on you, you can still repost it. It's saved my butt a dozen times over.

If you're using TypePad, I'd recommend SharpMT (, which I use for my blog posting. Good stuff, and easier to use than the on-line forms.

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