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Monday, January 31, 2005



Sure, both guys are harshly provocative and misguided. In fact, KRSOne probably helped the right-wing, by saying what he did, back in Oct. But 'moderate' voices speaking out against our atrocities in the world are sadly ineffective and compromised. If you remove that one very wrong blurt, a lot of what KRSOne is saying really does need to be said. And I don't deny that he might be doing it to help his career, as much as for any heartfelt concern for humanity.

The Right continues to try to cloak all of us in the US in a mantle of righteousness, without admitting anything unjust in their/our actions. It doesn't serve the memory of those lost on 9/11 well, imho. A very significant portion of the world cannot see how we seem to resignedly accept the ongoing innocent bodycount in Iraq, or how we continue to offer less than we easily can to help relieve some of the world's suffering. If Bush would at least begin some policy, any policy, that our foes couldn't use as propaganda against us. Instead, he starts talking tough about Iran. His myopic fundamentalism is as disturbing as the other sides and it is definitely fueling a lot of the hate being tossed around now.

But back to KRSOne. Maybe think of him as a Compassionate Radical - applying the same amount of hypocrisy to that label, as there is in Compassionate Conservative. Just my opinion.


Dear EWU President and Staff:

I am writing to object vociferously to the censorship of Ward Churchill by Eastern Washington University. As a 1983 cum laude EWU graduate, recipient of the Mary Shields Wilson Award, former U.S. State Department
Foreign Service Officer, human rights worker in Central America and the U.S./Mexico border, former Child Protective Services social worker, son of a B-52 pilot who was part of the U.S. genocide of 3 million Southeast
Asians, and the person assaulted on May 4, 2004 at Hamilton and Mission while holding a sign reading "Iraq Equals Quagmire and 701 U.S. Dead", I have contacted the University Alumni Office and the Fundraising Office
to have my name removed from their mailing lists. I am currently trying to identify the office at the University in possession of and responsible for the Mary Shields Wilson Award plaque to demand that my name be removed from it.

As a former student of Fred Strange, Jeremy Anderson, El Lapointe, and Lisa Brown, among others, I refuse to be associated with a University engaged in censorship regarding the most important issues of our time.
During the 1980's, anti-imperialist proponents of free speech, including myself and numerous EWU students and faculty, protested the illegal U.S. interventions in Central America on the steps of the Student Union
Building at EWU. To now censor one of the clearest and loudest opponents of the U.S. imperialist project is reprehensible and contrary to the hypocritically proclaimed values of both the United States and EWU.

When I was assaulted on May 4, 2004, Spokane Police Department Officer T. Taylor told me, "You should have known something like this would happen". Deputy Chief of Police Odenthal waxed eloquent in the Spokesman-Review about free speech rights before stating that "we don't
know who assaulted whom". The case was not referred on in a timely fashion to the FBI as a civil rights case as Odenthal had promised. Even after I called the police repeatedly to tell them where the assailants lived, no action was taken. The case was closed with no action.

Ward Churchill is an American Indian who expresses very controversial opinions. In coming to Spokane, he is coming to a military town hostile to opposition to the war. He is coming to a town where a nail bomb exploded in front of city hall a few years ago. He is coming to a town which produces members of the Aryan Nation. He is coming to a town built on the stolen lands of the "gathered hostiles", as the monument at Four Lakes reads. He is coming to the second whitest city in the U.S. for all cities its size or larger. He is coming to a campus which has not always been receptive to, sensitive to or responsive to American Indians. If the man asked for security precautions, give them to him.
There are worse uses for my tax money and, as my experience proves, his concerns are reasonable. If one can not trust that law enforcement can protect you, one attempts to assure ones own safety. (I seem to recall
tens of thousands being spent to protect a man many consider an international war criminal, George Bush, several months ago in Spokane; I am sure Mr. Churchill is asking for nothing close to that amount).

Ward Churchill was interviewed today on Democracy Now, the independent news program produced by Amy Goodman and aired on KYRS 92.3 FM in Spokane, as well as on Direct TV and Dish Network, and EWU was mentioned. Why then may I ask does the message at your university alumni
office (235-5034) make reference only to Fox News. I and many other intelligent people do not listen to Fox News. Shouldn't the message refer to both programs since people--including myself--are callling your
university offices in reference to both programs?

Finally, Ward Churchill is absolutely correct in arguing that by the standards applied by the U.S. government in its illegal wars against other nations, military and intelligence infrastructure contained in civilian structures and neighborhoods are legitimate targets and have been repeatedly for decades. Mr. Churchill, like myself and increasing millions at home and abroad, is feed up with and no longer willing to sit idly by while the U.S. government massacres people around the world
by rules set by and judged only by itself.

Let Ward Churchill speak, in the flesh. Or are you cowards?

Please assure that my name is removed from any mailing lists owned or administrated by your institution. I am embarrassed to have to go through the remainder of my life stating that I graduated from EWU. Also please let me know who to contact regarding removing my name from
the Mary Shields Wilson Award plaque.

David Brookbank

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