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Saturday, February 12, 2005



The term residential treatment facility connotes some kind of regulated, licensed entity designed with "treatment" in mind, treatment of what and what kind of treatment seem to be the big question. "Treatment" and "therapy" are done by professionals in my lexicon.

We had a good experience with Aspen Achievement Academy, in Loa, Utah, although that admission was for drug abuse. I believe there was a residential treatment facility attached to that for aftercare called Aspen Ranch, about which I know very little.


screw wwasp is a brain washing facility. They didn't help all those kids it was the upper levels in the program that had the good experence. You want to know the real truth wwasp programs beat the shit out of kids isolate them and flat out torture them. How do I know because my fiance of 2 1/2 years has told me everything and we got together almost immediately after he got back from high impact, mexico. He wanted to kill these people know one wants to kill someone directly unless there sick in the head or they went through the torture he did. Screw anybody who thinks that the program is all good. He was 12 when he started imagin being isolated the real deal at 12 he wasn't a bad kid like most of these kids aren't bad kids yet the abused the shit out of him and friends he still talks to. We know what wwasp is the generation I come from knows there scam and says screw wwasp.

Dennis Wager

I am a parent of a troubled 15 year old that needs help and have been investigating schools on the internet. So far all of them seem to have complaints against them particularly WWASP schools. Then your site posts this article by Lon Woodbury about Cross Creek Manor that gives me hope. So I do a internet search for complaints and find the most egregious ones against Cross Creek Manor. Well I hope there is a special place in hell for Lon and the people that run this site! Shame on you.

Dennis Wager

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