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Friday, February 18, 2005



My name is Caitlyn. I met Billy (william) and liked him a lot for the months before his death. I love you Billy

Kristina Keigley

My name is Kristina and yea I was really good friends with Billy. I hung out with him a lot last summer..he was seriously the coolest guy I have ever met and I will love him forever and ever.


I miss you Billy!!!

Kallie Cordes

Wow...this is crazy..this little page about Billy..I have to say..that Billy did some crazy things..but those things don't matter..because I love him and miss him matter what anyone says..BILLY ROCKS!!~Kallie Cordes

Caitlyn Hawkins

Writing another message: Whats sad about this whole thing as that no one really truly knows what happened. Not even the people there truly know. Let it be a lesson to all the people out there affected by billys death that it could happen to anyone.

Kallie Cordes

It's been so long since this happened, but it's all fresh in my world...I miss him just as much as I did the moment I found out...I love u Billy




Billy has been gone for 4 years now and he will never be forgotten. He was my best friend for years and he is missed a lot!! He was the most outgoing guy i ever met and i loved him! To everyone that knew Billy a little or a lot. He loved us all even if he didn't always show it! I miss him more everyday and I know others do too!

William D. Clark

The people that were there and watched him die in the river shame on you!!!!

Kallie Cordes

Billy, its been year since you left, and I miss you and and love you just the same. I think about you often and still wish that those people that were there with you that night, hadn't been so heartless and selfish, and would have done something different, you could still be here with us.

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