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Wednesday, March 30, 2005



challenge day is in no way one involved with or one of those programs that trick you into spending tons of money to be brainwashed... nor is it one of those crazy programs where you have your kid kidnapped from your house to be taken to some remote location in utah... to have their behavior altered...

i am offended that an honorable organization such as challenge day would even be associated with or talked about in conjunction with anything such as the organizations you discribed


Challenge day not involved?

Gee golly willickers, it does the exact same thing! It just cant get away with nearly as much as a program can because its only 6 hours and they get to leave at the end of the day to go home.

LGATs in ALL forms are ineffective, and a single one-day 6 hour LGAT will not make any lasting changes... LGATs only make people change if its over a long period of time, and constantly refreshed and in an isolated, institutional environment to enforce it.

All that will happen is the bullies and other students who want to hurt others will know personal details about others and have more ammunition.

Also, you might want to look into actual psychotherapy... and the fact that this was all debunked decades ago.

Honorable my ass, it's a pyramid scheme.



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