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Friday, March 18, 2005



Liz: Thanks for posting this info. Last year I did a talk about advertising and alcohol for students in one of our dorms. It went well, although poorly attended given the number of students in that dorm floor. I'm not sure students got the urgency of the issue. Take this info on drinking on college campuses, and throw in a Greek system that seems to legitimate oddball behavior on campus... you have plenty of trouble. Alcohol is too easy to abuse, too easy to obtain, and drinking too badly modeled by adults. We also live immersed in an advertising culture that makes alcohol the medium for "working magic" in the lives of this same population (college age). Watching the most common commercials and ads, alcohol is indeed like a magic wand - fulfilling desire after desire.

I agree we need to be much more mindful about how we educate our young people, and about how we hold them to high expectations regarding drinking. Like you, I think zero tolerance might not be best, but we need to be a lot stronger. College age kids get away with a lot, because we constantly bend over backwards to ease the pain of their having to live with the reasonable consequences of their actions.

Thanks again!

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