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Thursday, March 03, 2005


Concerned Mother

Sunday May 21,2006 I read the Independent Weekly article about heavy drinking and a student beach party riot where the East Hampton police were afraid for their safety. The East Hampton High School authorities have long been aware of a drinking problem among the students - it's the parents and community that have been kept ignorant of the problem.
Two months ago, we visited our family home in East Hampton and found it "trashed".
Receipts for alchohol purchases from local stores and talks with neighbors revealed that High School students had been using our home as "party central" for several months. Parents we spoke to thought their children were attending adult chaparoned parties. The damage ran into thousands of dollars. Closets had been ransacked, items stolen, family mementos broken, the liquor cabinet emptied. We hauled away 20 leaf bags full of beer cans and bottles. The next day we spoke to the East Hampton High School officials. We were shocked to learn that they had photos of the parties at our family home. One of the students had borrowed the school cameras and returned it with photos of the students. School Officials said student drinking and break-ins in this vacation community where homes are empty half the year, are common. Two years ago, the East Hampton High School trip to Italy was marred by student drunkeness.
We changed the locks on our doors and installed an improved alarm system. Now two months later, I read that the drinking is continuing to cause problems among the students - and the community.
As a step parent who has been kept in the dark, I am very much in favor of breathalyzer tests in the school. The problem is I don't think the East Hampton High School officials have the will or courage to use them. The School knows that underage drinking is out of control. I'm sure the parents will support efforts. The East Hampton Police also need to make arrests- both the drunk students and the local stores that continue to sell to minors. What the police see is just the tip of the iceburg.I just thank God that no H.S. students were involved in an auto accident during the 3 months that our home was being abused.


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Stephen bardine

Have you guys seen ?

No Alcoholism

I know that desperate issues call for desperate solutions and so junior high and senior high schools may one of these days start mandatory breathalyzer tests or even mandatory urine alcohol tests.

I read about so many drinking problems throughout the world that I am starting to think that many people world wide are developing coping skills that are ineffective and out-of-date with today's complexities and stress.

If this is the case, then all of the industrialized countries need to initiate a major educational effort that teaches people of all ages, especially the young, how to become masters at coping with life and how to become expert decision makers so that they can start making more productive and healthy decisions in their everyday lives and learn how to avoid alcohol disorders before they become out-of-control problems.

M. Staton

Thanks for the info - I teach high school and this will be invaluable.

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