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Friday, March 18, 2005



You wrote "The writers of the Horse & Rider article (Primedia Enthusiast Publications) could not substantiate even one of the points they investigated. Not even one."

Julie Thorson, who was editor of Horse & Rider at that time, posted on the delphi forums pleasure horse forum:

From: justhorson Feb-27 2:51 pm
There is no issue with a court-ordered apology by Horse & Rider, because the court did not order one. This case was settled out of court, with the request for settlement coming from Mr. Roberts prior to trial. Horse & Rider was fully prepared to go to trial. I was among the people deposed prior to the trial and have copies of all the depositions from both sides. Plaintiff and defendant both agreed to keep all settlement terms confidential.


Lil, thanks for commenting. Because of your comment, I cleaned up the post to make it clear why I wrote it, and my criticisms. I didn't write the material you quoted above--it was from a book review of "Horse Whispers and Lies".

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