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Sunday, March 27, 2005



A.A. is still the only proven program for long-time sobriety. There used to be the attitude that A.A. was for drunks only, but that attitude has softened and substance abusers of any kind are welcomed.

One of the problems with N.A. and C.A., as related to me by a client with a history of heroin addiction, is that there are few, if any, individuals with a long period of sobriety in meeting groups. She made it back with A.A. after relapsing a number of times in N.A. She said that the old-timers in A.A. were supportive and gave her hope that there was a future.


I am looking for a short term therapuetic program in New York. My son is acting out after mistreatment from his teacher towards him in school. I am scared that he is going to the wrong way. He is not intersted in anything. He does not pay attention to school. He is faling his classes and he was diagnosed with Depression. I don't know what to do , I tried all what I know and nothing improved. He is monitored by a psychiatric and a therapist, but i don't feel that he is improving. do have any advice on what to do or how he can be helped and put back on track.


Does anyone have any information on a Southern California Scared Straight Program? Any information on this program or something of this nature would be a great help. My son will be 16 in March and he is an Angry, Defiant creep of a kid.


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