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Thursday, March 03, 2005



I live in Crystal Falls, MI. In my town, kids go out and drink pretty much every weeked. The kids at these parties drink to get drunk and exceed more than five drinks an hour. I work at our prosecutor's office and am putting together a presentation to try to stop drinking among the high school students. I was wondering where I could get a copy of the movie because I think it would help the students of Forest Park realize how bad drinking is. We had a boy die from drinking two years ago, and they went out after his funeral and got drunk in his memory! That is why something absolutely needs to be done. I really think the video used in this story would get through to people. If anyone knows how we can get it, please let me know.

Athena Trujillo

I too would like a copy of the video. I am the principal of a rural high school and am looking for a program, speaker or something to present to our seniors during the last two weeks prior to graduation that will start them thinking. This looked like it would be of tremendous help.

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