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Sunday, March 27, 2005



I have nothing but good things to say about Aspen Achievement Academy. It is unfortunate however that parents believe that the experience there is a cure for their children, when, in fact, it is only a beginning ... the family must band together after graduation and follow the recommendations (the family contract) of the counselors there.

Without aggressive aftercare and continuity with the program started at Aspen, it will be a difficult path. By following up with aggressive aftercare and maintaining the program goals through strict enforcement of the family contract provisions, the path is not easy, but obstacles are easier to see and avoid.


I a m looking into the Anasazi program in Arizona. If anyone has any feedback or comments about their experience there, I would appreciate the info.


I have worked for the ANASAZI Foundation in AZ and found it to be very wonderful. It helped the students and families. But everyone must remember that nothing works for everyone.

elliott diaz

i went to high peaks and you and every one else has no idea wat that troy guy did to the kids there

elliott diaz

we had little food his way of making one of the kids to calm down was to sit on him,
we where out in the middle of nothing
he said he helped troubled teens how by
telling his staff to keeps us away from
our group solitary confinment.being dirty
and cold what did that teach me nothing but
hatered toward him and his staff there was no
learing involed i am 25 now i have grad from
college and now am a head chef in the oklahoma area i will never forget how he treated us and i am glad they shut it down

thank you sincerly Elliott HUNTER daiz

elliott diaz

i pray he wont open another one sorry about my spelling please contact me at [email protected]

Wilderness Programs for Teens

wilderness programs for teens are based on behavioral form and experiential learning. Teens are address to as students or patients. These moves toward to working with teens are generally acknowledged forms of treatment and intervention for both adults and children. Most universities offer earned degree in experiential education - a discipline that is becoming a foundation in wilderness therapy programs. But with Boot Camps originally it is formed to a juvenile justice system where they were created as an alternative to jail. Teens participated in an Army-like training program not in favor of their will or as a voluntary substitute to jail. The Boot Camp is mostly funded by state and country criminal justice systems mostly because of the cost efficiency and history of the U.S. Army turning around the lives of young men. As the boot camp demand grew, boot camps were next used as an intercession for teens who were getting into trouble and those who were coming to the consideration of law enforcement.

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It seems unbelievable but this type of rehabilitation if it works. my daughter of 15 years was simply out of control and now after six months is another person


My daughter is always rebelling at me. She doesn't even obey what my wife tell her. I wanted to help her in a way that she will feel how we love her. Is it the right thing to do that I will send her to Teen Wilderness Program? What can you say guys?

Wilderness Program

This is an ad for a service that links parents with wilderness programs. I've edited the URL so that it is no longer works; if you are interested in wilderness programs please do thorough research

Wilderness program is an up-and-coming intervention and healing to help young people overcome adjustment, emotional, psychological problems and addiction.

The program is usually up to three-weeks long working in a wilderness journey model in which leaders and clients stay jointly for the interval of the trip.

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