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Thursday, March 31, 2005



Have you read this blog about teen boot camps? It's very chilling, very scary!

Ray Girvan

I dug out a few links about this - Brat">">Brat Camp uncensored - relating to the UK TV coverage of such camps. The rationale makes me so angry: I had a lot of problems in my teens, and later, from the combination of clinical depression and the brainless reaction from my parents ("nothing to do with us / pull yourself together / you must have fallen into bad company"). It's a horrifying authoritarian fantasy that complex problems can be solved like this. Redcliff Ascent, one of the camps featured on Brat Camp, appears to be sceptical of psychiatric diagnoses such as major depression and bipolar disorder, viewing them just as labels enabling adolescents to shirk individual responsibility! I especially like the quote by Jordan Riak: "there is nothing in the sciences of pedagogy or child development that supports the educational or psychological value of making captive persons miserable".

Rosisela Morales

I have a 14 year old boy where do I go to fine him so help, He's about to be kick out of his school, he does respect no person older nor younger to him what do I do so I can HELP him I'm thinking of bootcamp but Idon't know what to do.


I advised Ms. Morales to find an educational consultant near her. It's expensive, but worth it to find help for her son.

The Consultant & At Risk Teens Advising Families with Troubled Teens

In times of crisis a barrage of emotions often overwhelms parents. The confusion and desperation associated with a troubled teen can be extremely trying. As alternatives are explored, how do you know what options are available? Of the many forms of intervention, which meet the unique needs of your child?

Educational consultants help parents build a promising future for their child and their entire family.

Educational consultants are trained experts who possess comprehensive knowledge of placement options. Many consultants specialize in crisis intervention and have extensive experience advising families with children who have emotional and behavioral difficulties. This expertise is used to advise you on the most suitable placement for your child.

The consultant thoroughly interviews both the child and family to determine individual needs and concerns. Getting to know you and your child in a neutral environment is vital to discovering a solution.

In some cases, testing may be done to determine specific learning and behavioral patterns. Some consultants administer these tests themselves; others make referrals to other professionals for testing. Teens who are "acting out" can appear very similar although the underlying roots of the behavior may be quite different. An individualized approach is required to respond to a child's particular needs. A knowledgeable consultant can help you find which programs are suited for your child.

Research is done to find the best fit for your child. Because consultants have helped a variety of troubled teens, they are aware of a multitude of options and can expeditiously target the best choices. Educational consultants spend about 20% of their time on the road, visiting therapeutic programs and other educational institutions. Not tied to any institution or program, consultants can concentrate on what is best for your child and provide you with objective options.

After your child has been placed, the consultant follows up to monitor progress. Consultants often work as part of a treatment team in conjunction with therapists, and can also serve as a support for parents. Consultants look beyond the current placement and assist in planning for your child's continued progress.

Educational consultants advise on all facets of your child's care. This professional and confidential intervention often brings long-awaited direction to troubled families.

You can go to the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) website, and use their database to find a consultant close to you.

Good luck.



troubled Teens

I have edited this comment so that the link is no longer clickable
Boot Camps at
is a good choice for giving strict atmosphare to troubled teens. This will help teenagers to find new skills and arts. Overall, boot camps are designed to improve troubled teens moral and confidence

contrary to what the commenter claims, there is no evidence whatsoever that "boot camp" environments increase troubled teens' skills. They typically do not have art programs. If you are struggling with a teen's difficult behavior, do not send him or her to a boot camp.

troubled Teens

edited to remove clickable link and provide commentary.
allegedly is a list of
Safe schools for troubled teens provide safe environment to teens. Parents also feel safe to send troubled teens to safe school. To find out more about schools and programs, you must contact educational consutlants and seach school online

there is no evidence that bootcamps and "behavior modification" schools actually improve outcomes for troubled youth. I do not recommend any of these.


i would say that not all of them. there are some boot camps which are good and are actually helping our teens from perplex, struggling situation. maybe one of the best things we can do to avoid that notion that boot camps are not that good, do have some background checks, get to know those people behind that organization before sending your teens there for rescue.

Kelleen Sewell

Is there such camps that teach kids morals and respect for adults and other kids? These are not bad kids I am talking about. They are not into drugs stealing or alcohol or gangs none of those things. They just feel it is ok to talk back and do as they please in the household. We do disapline by taking things away (restricting them) and not alowing them to go to their friends, but its not working. We are at our witts end on this and need some advise and was interested in camps.

maria cristales

I have a teen girl who became pregnant and now she does not want to listen. her boyfriend 19 is not living her alone. My daugter had a miscarriage and now she is against me. He doesn't have no job and drop out of school in sophmore year. My daughter was a good girl till she met this boy. Help don't know what tooooo dooo!!! if i can only send her away and put her back in track and make her see that she is messing her life up. is there any school that i can send her away with help don't know if she is upset too because my husband and i got separates.


Nice post. Boots camps are really helpful for troubled teens. Parents always worried about their children's proper education and behavior. They must identify the institution which is fit and good for their teens.

kids boot camp

Boot camps is what most parents need, a help that they really wanted to get. Parents won't worry much regarding on how and when to deal with their troubled teens when boot comps come to the rescue.

struggling teens

While choosing a boot camp it is helpful to spend some time to get more information about the boot camp and their way of treating teens and it is good to meet the older students of the boot camp and their parents also.


I went to a teen boot camp located in Aubrey, Texas called Get Motivated Boot Camp. At first, it was really hard and I hated it. As time went on and I was in this program for longer, I started to kind of enjoy it. The program really changed my life and how I act. Some people change at a slower pace than others, but the program is well worth it and it really works. You can see a big change in all of the teens that are sent here and it is a wonderful program. For more information, call (940) 365-1818, or visit the web site Again, if you are having trouble with your teens, this program is wonderful.

alejandra sifuentes

i would like to know information towards sending my brother somewhere so he can get help...

Turning Winds

I'm sure you can find facilities right for your brother Alejandra. There are residential treatment programs and therapeutic boarding school that specializes in transforming a troubled teen's behavior problems and gives them the needed therapy and counselling to help them change their ways. You can try and search for them online depending on which area you are. Goodluck!

Sumaia Tasnim

It was very useful for me.This was actually what I was looking for, and I am glad to came hereks for sharing the such information with us.


Very nice article Boot camps are worked very Good. I am so happy with this information. Please i will have to sent more information like that to my older sister please provide me more information like that thank you very much.
Teen Boot Camp


Sorry to disagree but there are boot camps out there that are worth sending your troubled children. May a background check. It may not be the perfect solution for your troubled child but in other ways, it could help them.

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