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Monday, March 21, 2005


Tom Cunliffe

Yes, we banned fox hunting, but its important to remember the impact of hunting on a small crowded island like Britain. No wide open spaces here, and townsfolk live in close proximity to country-folk. I think that makes a difference. We will be banning shooting next, but again, we breed birds for shooting then force them to fly up into range of about 20 people with rifles firing directly at them. There is no sport in that, only cruelty and it is a sad thing to watch. Things are very different in a large country like the US, where hunting and shooting have little impact on the natural environment - because you have so much of it!

La Cense Montana

La Cense Natural Horsemanship is a distinct and unique approach that incorporates the teaching and approach of many fine natural horseman - most notably Tom Dorrance, Ray Hunt, Ronnie Willis, Pat Parelli, Andy Booth, and Steve Byrne. La Cense is an independent organization and neither our horse education nor our human education programs are dependent upon any one individual or method.

La Cense is committed to providing education in natural horsemanship for students wishing to become professionals in the equine industry. Lacense's France-based horsemanship school - Haras de La Cense - was the first school in Europe to be based on the methods of natural horsemanship. The Montana operation, La Cense Montana, has partnered with the University of Montana-Western to offer the nation's first four year degree program in natural horsemanship. The Bachelor's degree offered by the University of Montana-Western is a degree in Natural Horsemanship and is not tied to any specific individual.


I'm a 17 year old girl at an equine college. My fiance's family are into hunting big time. I used to hate fox-hunting, because I was always given the wrong image of it as a child. now, I have been hunting several times with the Fitzwilliam hunt, in Cambridgeshire, England. People who are against hunting are allowed their own opinions, but at the end of the day, we're doing commercial industries a favour by culling the foxes because it stops them from going after farmer's livestock. Hunting is a very old sport, and now I've been introduced to it, I don't think it should ever be stopped. If it got to a point where there were too many foxes being killed then fair enough, but it's not as if the hounds completely maul the fox anyway, because they don't. So all the people reading this that think that all of the hounds rip the fox apart, listen up! It is only one dog from the pack that makes the kill, so stop your muttering and get over it. Or, get out there and find out what happens for yourself!!!!!!!

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