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Wednesday, April 13, 2005



i am so sorry to here about all of this i was a friend of one of these people and my deepest sympothy to the familys!!!

Shelley Williams

I was Brandon Williams mother. It's been very hard what we have been through since Brandon passed away. I have also started a memorial foundation in his name. I work with MADD, and speak out against alcohol poisoning. I let teens know how quick it can happen. Brandon's bac was .56. We find it hard to believe this could have been this high. There were know signs that Brandon had been drinking. He was with family 99% percent of the time. The night he died he was with people he didn't know. Except one person he had met two weeks prior to his death.

cathy clark

Yesterday my beautiful, gifted high school freshman went over to a friends house. At 4:07 we gota call that the Chicago Fire department had transported him to Cook County hospital in chicago far away from home (30 miles). He was found on the CTA and someone called 911. he had an empty thermos which had been filled with rum and other liqour.
He was lucky this time. With the paramedics, the ER and people who took quick action he survived alcohol poisoning.
What do I do now? I can't force him to a building to get counseling. I think it all relates back to his dad dying and the belief among teenagers, "It can't happen to me".

Dr. Willis H. Moore

May we add some of your postings to our website on the Alcohol issues page?

Dr. Willis H. Moore

May we add some of your postings to our website on the Alcohol issues page?


I am very sorry to hear about your loss. I do not know any of these people but i feel your pain. I oost somebody too.

Mrs. Rose Moore

Zakh Price (11 year old Autistic Child who was charge with a Felony due to his behavioral in school) will be on The Rose Moore Show tonight at 6pm PST on for your local times. We can't allow the courts to charge him with anything. Think about it.......other schools would use this case as a case to get Autistic kids out of public schools.

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