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Sunday, April 03, 2005



To George Gowen, the author of the letter above. You are a fool, for trusting then and still beleiving now, that CEDU schools taught their students the meaning of value and that they treated us with compassion. To any parent so desperate that they discard there own ability to make choices for themselves by giving authority of their child to an entity like CEDU, this is for their children, f*#@ you. CEDU certainly did.


I attended RMA ten years ago. It does sound like George is still a believer and a master of long sentences that compose entire paragraphs. Maybe we should use less words and get real. RMA was the dirtiest most disgusting place I've ever seen.


Indeed George, You are not an astronaut, thus you haven't a clue what it feels like to be in outer space. Therefore since you did not have to endure a "stint" at Cedu or one of the Brown Schools you have not a clue to the insanity that went on there. I was there for 2.5 years plus 10 weeks at RMA and a 6 week Ascent trip in between it all. 15 years later I still have nightmares on ocassion about the place. You are truly a blinded horse to think that you even have the slightest clue as to what Cedu or any related Brown school is or was all about. To Matt and Eddy above well said my brothers. Also George, probably not the best idea to post your address. Just some friendly advice pal. -Enough Said-

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