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Thursday, April 07, 2005


jeremy wheeler

i went to rocky mountain academy if you would like information on the school emal me at


I was a student at the Cedu in Running Springs, California, in 1980.

It was a farce, and it amazes me it lasted that long.


i went to boulder creek academy and if you ask me that place should have been shut down a long time ago. the way the staff treat kids there is horrible and they brainwash you into believing you have things you don't.


I ran away the day I turned 18 from that horrible school. I can't belive the cult they created in northern idaho. I would never send anyone there. I hope it never gets reopened and I pray no other kids get sent to that terrible place.


Paul Johnson you are a bastard. I escaped there last year on the 23rd of december after they tried to keep me there for 19months, I was there for 7. Bca is a complete scam, they manipulate kids into believing ridiculous things and that if they werent there they would be failures in life. Pray that the school will shut down again, for the good of mankind.


I was a student at the new Boulder Creek Academy after it re-opened for two years. The school is a complete SCAM, they want to get as much money out of you as they possibly can,like Evan said. It was the absolute worst time of my life. The so called qualified staff and therapists didn't help me out at all they were more interested in making my life miserable by not letting me talk to my friends, or even have private phone calls with my parents. i am not lying when i say there was no therapy. if you are a parent reading this, i understand how you are seeking help for your kid. i hate to say it but if you send your kid to bca they will either have sex, use more drugs on campus, run, or be outcasted. I could only rely on close friends there for help.I have a friend named Melanie while I was there. She hates it there and its just making her sadder and sadder being there. She’s not happy, and after seeing all her friends leave, the only thing she wants to do is leave as well.Bottom line, if you want your son or daughter to be happy, don’t send them there, and you shouldn’t send them their any way. In short words, its not a “therapudic” boarding school, its a scam to get money from you. Also read what Evan had to say e was one of my friends there. Like Evan said, I hope that school gets shutdow for the good of everyone, and I will confirm Evans comment: Paul Johnson is a basterd. Shea

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