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Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Sarah DeCocco

I attended North West academy which was a cedu school all it did was fuck up my life even more.. One of the men who was a teacher there or consuler whatever they made us call them always said creepy sexual things to all the girls. you cant just take kids away from everythin in civilization and then put them back in it after going throgh those little seminars ya'll called prophets. It was all a bunch of lies. Once you put someone back into civilization if they haven't recieved the right kind of help they'll just fuck up again. Talk to your kids let them make mistakes they will learn eventually. If they have a serious problem send them to rehab or AA meetings. This will help them alot more then a bunch of mormans telling us that kissing boys is bad and makeup is bad and tv is bad and everything is bad. and you can't watch the news and you have to go to bed at 900 even though your 18

Susan Weddle

North West Academy, Accent, Rocky Mount all played a part of getting my son back in touch with life and saved him and our family unit! My son would not be here today funtioning in life if I had not interceded and moved him 3,000 miles to the CEDU program! It worked for him and our family. During our time at CEDU I obserevd the program and watched young students struggling succeed for the first time in life. My heart is sad for Sarah never seeing the benifits of the program. My son is 27 years today and we are proud of him and his time at CEDU!!!!!!!!!!

Susan Weddle


Did you know at lest two students came up missing and were never found from CEDU school in California? One, CEDU has gone through great legths to cover up, my brother Blake Wade Pursley in 1994. It is believed he was NOT a run away, but something happened at the school or someone connected with the school has him. The other Daniel Yuen in 2004 is believed to be a run away, according to school officials, but has never been heard from again.

Liz Ditz

Here are the details on Blake Wade Pursley, from the Charlie Project:

  • Classification: Endangered Missing

  • Date Of Birth: August 18, 1979

  • Age: 14 years old

  • Height and Weight: 5'5, 125 pounds

  • Distinguishing Characteristics: Caucasian male. Brown hair, blue eyes. Pursley has scars on the back of his head, on his left buttock, on his right knee, across his neck, across his abdomen and on his chest. Some agencies may spell his middle name "Wade." His left leg is four inches shorter than his right leg and he walks with a limp as a result.

  • Clothing/Jewelry Description: Blue jeans, a purple shirt, a black White Sox baseball cap and tennis shoes.

  • Medical Conditions: Pursley suffers from various medical problems as a result of a near-drowning accident he had as a toddler. His difficulties include one paralyzed vocal cord, a life-threatening internal fungus, poor motor skills in his right arm, and seizures. Pursley is required to take daily medication to prevent his seizures and will be in danger without it. His intelligence is unimpaired, but he has learning and behavioral difficulties and functions at the level of a nine-year-old.

Details of Disappearance

Pursley was living at a special needs boarding school, the Cedu School, in Running Springs, California at the time of his disappearance. He had enrolled in the school for less than a month and told his mother he was homesick and wanted to leave. He was last seen at 8:00 p.m. on June 26, 1994 as he walked to a barn on the property to check on the animals. A witness saw a light go on in the barn shortly afterwards. Pursley did not return to the residence by the 10:00 p.m. curfew and and has not been seen again. Searchers tracked him to a nearby highway, but no further.

There were numerous reported sightings of Pursley in Utah in 1994 and 1995, but none of them have been confirmed. He is from Flagler, Colorado and may be somewhere in that state. Many agencies classify Pursley's disappearance as that of an Endangered Runaway. The school officials believe he ran away, but his family thinks he may have been abducted or lured from the school grounds. Curiously, Pursley is not the only student to have disappeared from the Cedu School and never been found; Daniel Yuenapparently ran away from the school in 2004 and has not been located. The Cedu School filed for bankruptcy and closed in 2005.

No suspects have been identified in Pursley's disappearance and his case remains unsolved.

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Adam Rose

I'm glad they are out of business... I went there from 1988 to 1991 in RMA... That place was wrong in every sence of the way, from their propheets to their workshops... I'am not a better person because I went there, I think I'm worst.


There's a third boy who is missing from the CEDU school in California, John Christopher Inman (his profile is on the Charley Project as well). He disappeared in 1993.

Daniel Yuen's case is disheartening enough; there's nothing to discount his being alive, but he hasn't contacted any of his relatives since his disappearance. John Inman's and Blake Pursley's is worse; both boys had medical conditions that required regular medication. It's not impossible, but highly improbable that both these boys ran away.

But three boys are gone, the school's gone and the school officials can tidily walk away from whatever circumstances occurred to those students.


I've ranaway from that school more times than I care to count.One of those times I went right over the mountain and got lost for over 2days.I was rescued by forest rangers.I could have easily died.I was there in '79.I pray that did not happen to these boys

Sarah decocco

North west academy ruined my life. My parents have finally sort of apologized for sending me there. And you know what? Hey that's progress. I'm 25 now and I will still say that nwa messed up my life and I still have mite mares that I'm being pulled out of my bed, stripped searched, forced to hike ovrer 2 miles daily with more than 80 pounds strapped to ur back.also it went from snowing to raining for days to so hot I was going to pass out. And did I mention I had mono? Yeah no one believed me till finally days later they took my temp it was 102.5. Not good not good at all. This was at suws of the carolinas. Nwa a cede school was worse. And u know what I ran away the month I turned 18 and made it all the way from northern Idaho to north Carolina. Any nwa survivors want to talk email me [email protected]. I'm thinking about writing a book about everything I went through there.

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