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Monday, April 04, 2005


Abigail Prather

I am very sad that CEDU closed. I came to CEDU in December of 2002 and graduated successfully in December 2004. I feel that CEDU has helped me through many of my stuggles and has transformed me into an honest young women. I feel that teenagers and parents need a place such as CEDU to turn to. Lives of staff and children were changed the day it closed. I was blessed to be there the weekend it closed. I was visiting and came to see my friends. I am so thankful i was able to be there for my friends during this hard time. I miss you all and love you!


I am not suprised. This was inevitable. If my classsmates and I had been attending Cedu at the time of the announcement of the closing, there would have been tears of JOY.
I am not kidding. We were miserable because we were there, not for the reasons we were placed there for, whatever they might be or have been. It was only a matter of time. We were not naive. There was always something that didn't feel quite right about that place. Things weren't handled properly. Some of the staff were really immature among other things I will not mention here.
I have NO fond memories. I know for a fact there are many out there that empathize with what I am writing at this moment. True freedom at last.


I am overjoyed to hear that the CEDU schools are closing. My parents still believe that the school was a positive in my life, when in truth it left me with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, an abundant knowledge of drugs and a manipulative nature when it came to therapy and authority. The school is a disaster that mentally abuses teenagers and actually sets them on the wrong path. The school had the ability to teach unbelieveable positive tools for life but did so in such a poor environment I am surprised more students were not injured/ killed or even emotionally scared for life. I know that even though the school helped me appreciate the things I have (because I had to work as a teenager to put disgusting cholesterol filled extremely unhealthy food on the table at RMA), it destroyed my idea of love, and the ability to trust, especially my parents ever again. It also sent me on a even worse drug relapse than I had been sent away for in the first place. The school physically and emotionally hurt me during my attendance and have emotionally scared me for life.


So glad this hell hole finally closed. I attended school there in 1980. The only education I received was basket weaving and art.

It also pleases me that John Padgett and Carmen Earle lost their fight with cancer. They were both horribly cruel.

CEDU was nothing more than a dumping ground for parents that didn't give a damn.


edited to redact names & language I don't allow on this blog
D-n --rl-, who was head counselor, screwed one of the students by the name of J-nn-f0r P--ls-n. Yes, she was indeed a slut, but D-n should of kept his pants zipped.

Most of the counselors had NO EDUCATION what-so-ever in the field of child psychology. They had no right being there in the first place.

They were liars and cons, swindling parents out of their money. Most of the kids are far worse off then they were before they step foot on the property.

F-CK YOU glad you closed! Now maybe your "counselors" can go back to washing dishes or whatever the f-ck they were doing before being hired on by the cult you called a school.


As much as i would love to sit here and talk all sorts of shit about the 4 goddamn years i lost between the different cedu schools and programs, i must say i have some of the best friends i could ask for because of that place. but i've spent way too much of my life cursing that place and wishing it had never happened when the fact is it did and its over now lets move on.

gina  funk

edited for language I don't allow on this blogim glad your f*cked up school finally closed lol that school messed up my life you suck cedu i everyone and i got no education there. i got credits for making my bed and hiking. any public school would be better then cedu. no joke gina

Charlie S

Cedu is an awful place. I should know. My parents were not only manipulated into sending me there, I was sent to Ascent twice! Cedu Middle, Cedu Highschool, and Northwest Academy back in Idaho. I saw some of the most terrible things in my life at all these places, and it scared me for life. I am an extremely strong person because of it, but it should not have happend the way it did. Being dragged from my house in handcuffs at 12! I wasn't that bad of kid, Cedu just lied to my parents and made them believe that if i didn't get help i would die. It was all just lies, so they could milk my family for 100 of thousands, which included my college tuition. I hate what that place did to me, and i know there are plenty others that feel the same way. I'm sorry to all who have been harmed and emotionally torn. And to all those who had a positive experience I truly envy you.


I will feel tremendous guilt for the rest of my life for having sent my son to Cedu. I thank God that the brainwashing has been stopped!!!



Survivor 1980

Oh, the kool-aid drinking continues. Amazing! So pleased your "Cedu experience" was wonderful. Puke.........

Untrained/uncaring professionals. Most of the worse ones are now dead, thankfully.

I learned basket weaving. I learned to use the F-word at a drop of a hat. I learned about perverted sexual things that no 17 year-old should be privy to.

Thank God Cedu is now nothing but a dysfunctional horrible nightmare that comes to me only once in a while.

Alison, what in God's name is wrong with you girl?

Bad experiences? NO, it was HELL.


I think that whatever 'idea' is behind cedu, slash whatever 'emotional growth school' means, is actually good.

Unfortunately, CEDU as a business really, really (really) sucks. I completely agree with many here that the schools were manipulative, deceitful, etc, etc.

The flip side is, however, that one way or another going there did really help me figure my sh!t out. I didn't like myself before going, feel (~8 years and college after leaving) that it did help me.

I guess in coming to that conclusion I intentionally block out the memories of manipulating staff, blocked communication with my family and (good) friends from home, etc, etc - but lots of things in life can suck, and I do believe that its more about what you make of it.

The few really truly caring staff (that's an opinion, of course) that I trusted while there did help me learn to get what I have going for me.

And more importantly, the friends I made while there had a huge, lasting impact on me. I really enjoy my life now, but the same part of me that likes being a kid definitely is nostalgic about the fun I had hanging out with the people I care about there.

And I guess that's my rambling point, without the forced experience of being stranded in that place, I wouldn't have pulled my head out of my a$$ to (start to) understand myself and figure out what about love is important to me.

Kyle Stong

For all of those negative comments about CEDU closing, shame on you. I was one of the original CEDU classmates way back in 1972/73. You probably hated it because you were already f*cked up when you arrived and didn't like (or want) to face that reality. Yes, it was hard, and yes, it DID suck a lot. I am now 54, and often reflect about my time at CEDU...and realize that CEDU probably saved my life. Hopefully when all of you nay-sayers decide to grow up, you will fee the same.

John Adams

I know CEDU helped me get off the streets and in a safe place. I was there from April 1975-1978 I finished on the Los Angeles fundraising. Looking back, I had some of the best times of my life up on that hill. Sure it was hard for a 16 year old guy, I did a Dishpan and had my head shaved 5 times. One time Eddie Austin forgot to put the attachment on the clippers and I got a good old bald head. But all in all I am almost 52 years old and Still alive and Well. So thank you Cedu... John Adams

shanna hoops

Thank you Cedu and all the staff. The life leasons and skills I learned from attending Cedu will be forever in my heart. The letting go of thinking the world was out to get me changed into the world is here to let me love it. That shy, scared, braty, and nieve 13 year little girl needed that place called Cedu. Having my own children now I would have had no problem placing one or both of them there if that what was needed.I guess I am truly blessed I was there before it had to have a sad end. I still think about the wild cats I would solitude myself with behind the dinning hall. I will have memories of rock climbing with Guy throwing rocks at me and coming in first Girl on a 14 mile run in the mountains. Thank you again Cedu.
Shanna Hoops
Shannon Mendelson 87-89

Susan Oliver

I was dropped off by my mom in 1978 and picked up by her in 1980!!! Even though I had some very rough times in CEDU, I will be forever grateful for the lessons and tools I use in my everyday living!! I got yelled out by staff and by students...I had a rough time in the raps, i hated running to the elementary school and back and jumping into the pool after they broke the ice for us to get in, but all in all, it was really no BIG deal! I will be forever and eternally grateful for CEDU. I made and still have some very special friendships from that school. I am sorry for those of you who felt it was a horrible was just what you made it! I am very sorry they have closed down. I used to love going to visit the kids there. One year, a bunch of alumni members and myself brought 3 car loads of Marie Calendar pies to the students at Thanksgiving to the Cascade School...what a blast of fun that trip was!
Susan Jervis 1978-1980

barbara   Hope

NO kidding i ran away and stayed in the mtn range just so i did get beat...Barbara hope stickles ..they kept us up for 24 hrs at a time to do things to us and make us do things to each other .Make use stay awake you had noo choice..i was there around the 80's

barbara   Hope

I so funny i was the only kids Girl that was on probation..and the last after how i ran wawy for a week in the woods and took another boy because they didnt tell me my grandmother died aand i miss her being burried and my mom tried to call but they said its was not a good time to tell me .. my mother was pissed i ran away after finding out they kept it from me for 2 months..i miss my grand mother because of them .i didnt get to see her before she died..B,H.Stickles

Dominic Caparaz

My name is Dominic Polchies formerly Dominic Caparaz. I was sent to Cedu I believe in 1973. I was a bad kid on my way to prison or the grave. Even though I didnt like the way I was treated I did learn to servive in todays world without being a menice. My young life has very few memories that were any good, but Cedu did help me dispite the Horror.

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