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Friday, April 01, 2005



I am so sorry for Jacob.My 15 1/2 died of the same thing because they left her in the woods knowing how sick she was.It's been 5 and half year's and they still walk free he refused a Polography even lied to the police to where he left her.My prayers are with you this is a awful pain.


I was not seventeen, and I was drinking right alongside you, but when I started to pass out our other friend was staying the night at my house, and knew my mom would want me home. I was so afraid of her seeing how drunk I had gotten I tried to walk home. The only reason they thought you were screaming is because I stumbled out to the train tracks, and fell face down into the water. I started drowning, and I was screaming for someone to help me. You were inside asleep at that point. I hope that that was how you dreams...where that bastard could not touch you.

I wish I wouldn't have left you there. I wish I would have been sober enough to have stopped it from happening. I should have been screaming for someone to help you, but there was no way we could have known that you were anything but asleep. If I had known you were dying of alcohol poisoning we would have called an ambulance man. At least you don't have to deal with this kind of world anymore. You were headed to a much better place than your mother's trailer, and I think you knew that when you left.

Where was child services to take you and your little brothers and sisters away from that miserable woman?

I know that you forgive me. I've spoken with you often since then, but I have never learned my lesson, and I still drink myself into a stupor where I can sometimes hear your voice and see you watching me....for all of you that would say "some" friends...

Some people you are. Avengers? Avenge him by calling a drug task force to raid his mother's home, and save his siblings that are still young enough to be saved from that kind of life, but I guess you won't. You didn't save jacob when he was a child, and I did not save him that night. I was a fifteen year old drunk. What's your excuse?

jennifer sigalas

Jacob sigalas was my brother the guy that did what he did to my brother was a homosexual jacob was a good kid but a follower he just wante friends and people to like him his friends were friends of leslie cruz they talked him imto leaving the mall and going to a house party got him drunk and left him from what we were told leslie cruz tried to force his self on jacob sexually jacob tried to fight back he was then dead then striped and buried I believe he then sexually battered my brother before the man buried him, I also believe that my brothers two friends shouldn't have left a 14 yr boy with a gay 37 old man our family will never get the truth from my brothers 2 friends that were suppose to been there and who knows maybe they were I also believe it was alcohol alone,that killed him or,those,men,would have,called 911 instead of,burying his naked body they were covering up wat they did to my brother jacob would have been 21 this june,the man that,done,what he done to my brother deserves,the death penalty but I feel there no justice anymore

jennifer sigalas

As far as u tommy my mom was and still a good mom you were a horrible friend and told him to tell our mom he was staying with u so he was suppose to ride home with u from the mall he followed u as u got him to ride in leslie car and yall told him yall were going to a house party it would be fun and then u and chris abandoned him and left him with ur gay friend who took my brothers life my mom doesn't and has never done drugs and when u made,up a story also cuz at the time he was murdered she had an 8 bdrm house in pascagoula she has 14 children 12 surviving and if yall wouldn't have gotton him in to that situation and then abandoned him with ur gay friend drunk maybe when he forced hiself on jake he could have fought back and still be alive today I hope ur guilt eats away at u and as far as his family life we loved him very much he wanted friends and u decietful jerk his friends cost him his life and u are pathetic u should blame,urself and do not disresect his family we tried to keep him away from people like u and u deserve to look st urself in the mirror everyday and see what u caused to happen to a 14yr old boy looking to be accepted by the same friends that got him killed

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