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Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Stanley Michalski

My exwife sent my daughter to Rocky Mt. Academy. I had a close relationship with my daughter before she went there but since she graduated she has refused to see me and her grandparents. Has anyone else had these experienses.


my child is in an wilderness program as we speak. they are recommending he fo to a theraputic boarding school. he is 16. he has never used drugs and has no trouble with the law---is an A student and a golfer--any opinions---


I sent an email to Ms. Argue with the following information:

I am Just A Mom (JAM), not a professional in any sense of the word. I started writing about therapeutic programs such as CEDU because of my interest in parenting and independent schools ("private" schools). I became curious about something--why were most therapeutic programs for-profit, and most reputable, college-preparatory independent schools not-for-profit?

Your son was obviously in some distress, otherwise you would not have put him in a wilderness program during the school year. You don't say who "they" are--if it is the wilderness program, I wonder if there is a financial relationship between the program and the school. I wonder if you have used an independent educational consultant. If you have not, I would strongly recommend you find a practitioner near you who is independent (does not have any financial relationship with any program.)

The Consultant & At Risk Teens

Advising Families with Troubled Teens

In times of crisis a barrage of emotions often overwhelms parents. The confusion and desperation associated with a troubled teen can be extremely trying. As alternatives are explored, how do you know what options are available? Of the many forms of intervention, which meet the unique needs of your child?

Educational consultants help parents build a promising future for their child and their entire family.

Educational consultants are trained experts who possess comprehensive knowledge of placement options. Many consultants specialize in crisis intervention and have extensive experience advising families with children who have emotional and behavioral difficulties. This expertise is used to advise you on the most suitable placement for your child.

The consultant thoroughly interviews both the child and family to determine individual needs and concerns. Getting to know you and your child in a neutral environment is vital to discovering a solution.

In some cases, testing may be done to determine specific learning and behavioral patterns. Some consultants administer these tests themselves; others make referrals to other professionals for testing. Teens who are "acting out" can appear very similar although the underlying roots of the behavior may be quite different. An individualized approach is required to respond to a child's particular needs. A knowledgeable consultant can help you find which programs are suited for your child.

Research is done to find the best fit for your child. Because consultants have helped a variety of troubled teens, they are aware of a multitude of options and can expeditiously target the best choices. Educational consultants spend about 20% of their time on the road, visiting therapeutic programs and other educational institutions. Not tied to any institution or program, consultants can concentrate on what is best for your child and provide you with objective options.

After your child has been placed, the consultant follows up to monitor progress. Consultants often work as part of a treatment team in conjunction with therapists, and can also serve as a support for parents. Consultants look beyond the current placement and assist in planning for your child's continued progress.

Educational consultants advise on all facets of your child's care. This professional and confidential intervention often brings long-awaited direction to troubled families.

You can go to the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) website, and use their database to find a consultant close to you.

Good luck.

More information on WWASP programs

I've compiled information from former students about the WWASP corporation. Some school specific information and experiences are also present. Articles, forums, and former students even use the website to reconnect with each other. You might find out something you didn't know about these programs.


how do you find out if there is a financial relationship (i.e. kickbacks) between your "independent" consultant who recommends a facility? My ex put my daughter in a therapeutic school, after a hefty consultant fee to place her there. The school is privately owned and would not provide information on profit, etc.


I emailed Dana privately because her questions are so personal.


Since the posting of this Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Wall Street Journal Surveys Therapeutic Boarding Schools

For profit, not-for-profit, some are good, some are bad

article/ blog is there any RELIABLE organization that supervises/ accredits "therapeutic schools and programs?'

Where can a parent/ grandparent go to find a good place for troubled teens?


where can we find that is not sooooo expensive.

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