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Wednesday, April 27, 2005



This is a very interesting article. I am the mother of an LD child. His IQ is also in the 120's but his performance is below average. I was told he had ADD I placed him on meds. His grades DID NOT improve. He was tested by the school and placed in special ed. His grades DID NOT improve and he became less confident, more unhappy. My husband and I have taken him out of the publeic school/special ed blacke hole and placed him in a private school. Had it not been for sp. ed we would have continued to think he was lazy and lacked discipline. I also took all my children to an applied kinesiologist and changed their diet. I took my son off the meds (yellow FD#5) his grades remained the same and focus in class returned. We start the 05-06 school year at a $15,000 a year private school paid partly by fed grant and the rest by us. We are still paying taxes to fund a broken public school system. I have now started looking for full-time work to help pay for next year which will not be paid by fed grant and my 3 year old will be put in day care. My 6 year old is doing fine in the public school system.
My point is you can use the extremly poor and the very rich to make an interesting article. But what about the those of us in the middle. Those of us that do make sacrifices for our kids and their education. Those of us that serve and have been served by a broken system. Those of us paying at both ends. Now that makes for a more compelling article.

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