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Saturday, April 09, 2005



Many of my kids who take Ritalin or a similar type of drug now will probably be big coffee drinkers as adults and go off their medication. That's fine -- I'm a big coffee drinker too, and it definitely helps me focus.

I'm always a little peeved when I see people making a big deal of the chemical similarities between stimulants for ADHD and hard street drugs such as cocaine. It implies that taking Ritalin is drug abuse, or leads one to drug abuse. Actually, some studies have found that people with diagnosed ADHD are LESS likely to abuse street drugs if they take doctor-prescribed medication, simply because they do not need to self-medicate. ADHD is also associated with risk-taking behaviors, and taking illegal drugs would certainly fall into that category.

I don't think stimulants are the answer for every person with ADHD -- I've met many kids who do not respond to them or who respond better to other things -- but I really dislike the way that people attach a social stigma to those medications, as though they were morally suspect.


I was diagnosed at 31, of having ADHD. Once I started my medication (Adderal) my life changed a complete 360 . I am now a recovering addict, with 4 1/2 years clean. Finding out what a root problem to my addiction and taking care of it has helped me in every area of my life. I just completed a two year college, graduated with honors and now I am at a University working on my bachelors in Human Services. I have excelled in my job, going as far up to management in a restraunt. Being able to finally focus and follow through has made my life so much easier. Also to be multi-task is a plus. My life is beyond my wildest dreams. The whole stigma about medications being a drug problem, is "crap" to put it bluntly. Medication has saved my life mentally, physically and spiritually!

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