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Friday, April 15, 2005


Tammy Easton

Can anyone answer a question that everyone avoids? Why are there no criminal charges against Steven Cox? Why is he not in jail after embezzling millions of dollars from the state? Why is our education system not doing anything about the distress caused to the students? My daughter is going through great distress because of Steven Cox and the rest of the losers that have been appointed as leaders of our education system. None of them give a damn. There is no point in telling what happened because of those people because no one will do anything about it anyway. If anyone really cares, which I doubt, or they are interested enough to want to know, feel free to contact me and I will give you all the details you want, with documentation if it will do any good. They are going to prosecute eventually by the way. I am going to make sure of that.


Trust me, they are never going to prosecute Steven Cox because he is buying everybody off. He already won a case in which he was going to be sued but instead he had a counter sue! And I bet he won that too. Everybody (as long as I’ve been alive and known him) is either afraid of him or can sense he has some sort of power over people.
I have challenged him and want him to go to jail for all the wrong doings he has done over the years. He could commit murder and everybody would look away. For goodness sake, he's like OJ Simpson. When will people wake up and realize that he committed a crime? Why is it okay for him to ruin many children's futures for his own personal sick pleasures?
Why doesn't someone nail this bastard? For goodness sake, someone do something and no matter how much money he offers or what a "nice guy" he seems. He is the devil in disguise. Though, I'm not religious, I believe he is evil and needs to pay for the crimes he has committed.

Don Karg

C. Steven Cox (Educational Administrative Services-EASC, Morning Star, California Charter Academy-CCA, and a school supply company) indicted with 56 felonies on September 4th, 2007. CUSD Trustee John Casabianca Forced to Appear Before Grand Jury back in October 19, 2006. LA Times Reported, 9/14/2007, "The Board of Trustees of the Capistrano Unified School District voted unanimously Monday not to consider a request by former Supt. James Fleming to pay his legal fees stemming from an indictment for allegedly creating enemies lists to thwart a recall." The Orange Punch reported on 5/24/2007, "We get news that former Capistrano Unified School District Superintendent James Fleming and Assistant Superintendent Susan McGill were indicted by the grand jury. Fleming was indicted for misappropriation of public funds, for using school funds to defeat a recall of his political allies and conspiracy, according to DA Tony Rackauckas' statement. McGill was indicted for conspiracy and perjury. These are all felony charges, relating to their efforts to stop the recall and the compilation of an enemies list." Many of these "employers" abused their workers/Teachers and forced them to use less resources so they can go on vacations, sports games, and to have a good night on the town! Sad thing about it is everyone knew about this back in 1989, when George P. Wright published his book--"The Twisted Badge," pointing to Dr. Simmons/ROP Program/Ed Quesada deposition. And there were many people pointing at the LBUSD [Rayburn] in 1989. And we can see the past and current damages to the LAUSD. “Your tax dollars at work” was an article on a Blog stating $400/hour was spent on an attorney for Fleming. The TV News Media stated, the Party is over, today!
Maybe if the Media would put down their Pom-Poms for the White-collar Criminals---the Citizenry would not live in terrorism.


dude you know what I'm talking about! soy desole

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