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Monday, May 02, 2005



I didn't meant to irritate anyone!

The Zero Boss

No, "smug" would be me coming on to your blog and saying, "Why the hell isn't 'Z' for 'Zero Boss'??"

But I'd NEVER do that, natch.

trucker bob

Could I borrow that hat? My horse has such an appetite I can't carry enough oats for him with the pail.


My hat got dissed chez genuine: Where'd the Readers Go

It is my horse show mama hat. And why a hat, you ask? Check with Marn's Nose.

Gosh people are touchy.

Gary M.

I hate to use someone else's blog as a battleground, but sometimes I can't pull my punches. n's attack, according to liz, is an "ad hominem attack." Technically liz is right, but if you look the n's attack in the spirit in which it was intended liz most certainly is wrong. By attacking liz's taste in hats, I believe that n was attacking liz's aesthetic judgment. That is not a personal attack, and it is pertinent. So in what sense is the attack ad hominem?


Actually the hat is just fine, but my typo in the comment is mortifying! LOL


Liz! Kris Robinson rocks! She's the real deal! She's the shizz! She's hot! She's The Dude!

Hence, I concur with your assessment for the letter 'K'.

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