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Sunday, May 15, 2005


George Anderson

Thanks to blogs like this one along with media interests worldwide, most of our Certified Anger Management Providers are reporting an increase in referrals. Hospitals are beginning to reccommend executive coaching for physicians who exhibit poor bedside manner skills.
Thanks for your visit and reference to our website.

Linda Chapman

The way I look at the anger management classes I teach is that I am planting a seed. Whether that seed takes root (e.g. has an effect on a person's anger patterns) depends on a variety of things such as intellectual ability, motivation, emotional maturity, etc. As with most endeavors in life, it works if you work it. What I am giving people I teach or coach is exposure to different ways to approach problems. Sometimes the seed falls on fertile ground and sometimes not. That is true of any other educational process.

Shannon Munford

Although this post was written over a year ago. Anger Management facilitators continue to gather numerous referrals. This may be accounted for by great marketing or possibly anger management classes benefit clients and communities.

Shannon Munford

Ari Novick, Ph.D.

All of our anger management clients take a pre and post questionaire as well as an assessment. The questionaire is subjective, but does show whether or not the client felt improvement in his/her anger and aggressive behaviors. In almost all cases, clients showed improvements. Obviously anger management classes are not the solution to all interpersonal problems, it is certainly a great start to helping individuals who lack certain skills in key areas covered in anger management classes.

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