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Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Lisa Williams

Hey, I just blog because I can't play the guitar ;)

Joan Lansberry

Blogging's fun! I started back in 1996 when we still just called them 'journals'. I still just call mine journals.
I gather bits of the days I wish to perserve in memory,
and whatever audience I get, I'm grateful for. But it's been such a sufficiently self motivated project that even without them, I would still continue.


A friend from SF emailed me that link today. I got all huffy. I read Blaise Cronin's CV. I started to write mean things. But then... but then... but then I thought, "My writing is improving. My blog is no more and no less an exhibitionistic display than the earnest outpourings of the small town pressman. Cronin's just trying to get some links for his web publishing effort."


Sour grapes from people who don't get any comments on their blogs. ;)


Blaise Cronin is funny.

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