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Tuesday, May 31, 2005



wow, these are phenomenal photos indeed. what a gorgeous horse, and carrying himself perfectly under a very skilled rider. *sigh* i wish this sort of thing wasn't so rare these days...


I know this woman, she is the most beautiful rider in the world.

Thyl Engelhardt

The xxx you have indicated where the pictures were taken is the "Reitinstut (riding institute) Egon von Neindorff", Karlsruhe, DE, EU.
The horse's name is Seraphino (not sure about the spelling, sorry)

Sue Nevill-Parker

These pictures are lifted from the Egon von Neinforff book "The art of Classical Dressage". I would be amazed if they weren't protected by copyright........ Just buy the book - it is exceptional.


The pics do appear in the ?new?book, but were posted here in 2005, having pre-existed elsewhere. Somewhere?


I have ridden for 15years with this woman "Melissa Simms", and she is the most beautiful,talented rider. The photos are a prime example of the horse in the evolution of self carriage. An excellent example of what a horse should look like when it is in front of the verticle and properly using it body and legs while shorting or legthening it's frame. The photos have been used as an example of what is correct in previous articles and even at the U.S.D.F. convention in a lecture with DR. Gerd Heuschmann.
The pictures were taken by Ulrich Schnitzer

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