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Wednesday, May 25, 2005



I know how you feel but I guess I'm not so particular about signing up for various accounts. :P Some people apparently don't like to get comments because they fear they'll get too many or the wrong kind. I notice some only allow trackbacks and others prefer you to e-mail. I usually don't do either.

Sarpy Sam

I agree. I avoid those sites that don't allow me to comment. It's not worth the time or effort.


i hear you, although it seems i only get abusive/obnoxious/spamming comments from 'anonymous' commenters, so it is this phenomenon that seems to drive people to set up barriers. on blogger i just go with the flow since my html knowledge is pretty sad!


I signed up for a Blogger account so I could comment on those blogs. I don't understand why you would refuse to sign up. What's the big deal?

Also, I enthusiastically support the folks who refuse anonymous commenters. Trolls are a pain in the behind and disabling anonymous comments is one way to keep trolls at bay.


Well, I don't know about not allowing comments - I'm constantly soliciting feedback! And, btw, thanks for stopping by and adding yours. You and I have similiar outlooks on fitness. In my goal of increasing the run ability, I am going to do it just like you do - monitoring heart rate. So, thanks for affirming that it's a way to do it.


It's almost a no-win blog is spammed daily and it gets to be a real PITA having to go through and deal with that. I have a Blogger account too for my weight loss and I don't get any spam there. My blogger account is free and the main one we pay for...go figure...:P

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