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Sunday, June 26, 2005



For me, the most revealing part of this was that the parents were backing down because the kids felt they "needed" the slinky clothes. Sounds like a missed opportunity to talk to a young girl about resisting pressure and being her own person, not controlled by what other kids (girls AND boys) think of her, or what the media tells her.

I've never been so glad that our school requires uniform shirts -- the families order from Land's End, which makes all of their shirts with the school logo. I notice much less competition between girls about how they look, and even on "free dress days" they don't show up in skimpy or inappropriate things.

As for the boys, I wish there were a way to prevent them from bullying their parents into letting them play rated M games, such as Grand Theft Auto. I've had parents come in and complain about their boys' video game usage, apparently not realizing that THEY were the ones allowing their kids access to those games and that it was a CHOICE. There's much less we can do about this tendency, since it's not something applicable to the school day. The clothing, at least, we can have a say in.


Madeleine Spence

Speaking from a teen point of view (I'm 17), surprisingly I have to say that I agree. I hate seeing lardy girls walking around with saddlebags exposed. However, when I walk around town, I also see a lot of adults walking around like this. This is the main reason that modesty is coming back in: because teen girls don't want to be looking like their moms. So, sad as it is that embryos are dressing as teens, you also have the classic case of mutton dressed as lamb. Great example.


These days the line between adulthood and childhood are practically invisible. I have a 13-year-old cousin who visits me every week and I'm so tired of seeing her come in with makeup applied by the pound, low cut spagghetti strap tank tops that expose her whole stomach, and skirts so short that if she so much as sneezes her panties are exposed. She thinks she looks older and mature, when in reality, she really just looks like a 13-year-old whore. It's bad when I see my cousin dress like this, it's even worse when I see little 7 year olds dressed like this. Hip huggers, tube tops, and thongs DO NOT belong on children! It's as simple as that. Parents are letting their kids dress like a pedophile's wet dream. I don't give a crap what the stores sell, parents should have enough sense not to let their children dress like this. If parents stop buying the clothes, the stores will stop selling them. It really is all about the parents. My parents are pretty old school. I wasn't allowed to date until I was 16. I wasn't allowed to wear padded bras and thongs. When I went out I was asked a dozen questions as to my whereabouts. My cousin's parents on the other hand, couldn't give a flying shit. This is probably why their daughter dresses like a tramp and posts little glitter signs on her website that read "playboy girl." Then the parents sit back and wonder why their constantly fearing that their little girl's corpse will be found in a dumpster one day. Seriously, kids should enjoy being kids. They have their whole lives to be adults, but they're only kids once. And trust me, when you're an adult, you'll be wishing you were a kid again.

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