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Sunday, June 26, 2005


John Lloyd

Ms. Ditz, I found your notes about tutoring centers' benefits for students with Learning Disabilities valuable, so I added an entry about it to my blog on LD. Thanks!

Ruth Lature

I am a reading specialist and certified by IMSLEC, the accrediting group of the International Dyslexia Association, to teach dyslexics. I don't like to criticize others, especially to parents who may be thinking I am just trying to get their business. However, a number of parents have brought their children to me after first trying Sylvan. The parents did not know their children were dyslexic. The students had inappropriately planned programs to meet their needs. A colleague, trained in teaching dyslexics, recently worked for Sylvan in another state. She reported to me that Sylvan did not work for children whom she suspected to be dyslexic.

Reg Adkins

As you know, I am by nature and trade a specialist in behavior and temperament. However, I have also worked for tutorial programs, specifically, Huntington. I will say I believe the hearts of most of these people really are in the right places. But, we must not forget they are "conditioned" to show parents records of growth. No growth, no returning customers. That being said, I agree that none of them have good program for addressing any kind of learning disability. I am planning to open a learning center of my own very soon, and I plan to make it very clear that although I have many years experience in exceptional child education and counseling, my program is not optimum for every single child. Often (I know you do not necessarily agree) the temperament of the child must be evaluated and a program the capitalizes on those characteristics must be developed. (Wow, that kind of got away from me didn't it).

Steph Swalwell

I do not hold a special ed certification, but with several years in the classroom as a math teacher, I feel like I have as much grasp on many of the problems affecting mainstream students as their special ed teachers do. For the most part, unfortunately, the special ed teachers in my school are so bogged down in paperwork that, if they have any special insights, they are too busy to offer them.

That said, I have taken post bac training courses on learning disabilities and pride my fledgling tutoring service's reputation for dealing with dyslexic and cognitively impaired kids.

brian + The book of bible

ok i do not get it yet well this help a child that is ld or was label wrong mental retardation to improve his education i have speech and language so what do i do to improve my education i need help on math and spelling what do i do ? please contact me back i need to get into a privet school for free becouse the school abueses my education badly


This is the email I sent to brian + the book of bible:

You could go to, a site for kids with learning disabilities.

Or, you could call The Learning Disabilities Association of America and find a chapter near you.

Learning Disabilities Association of America
4156 Library Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15234-1349
Phone (412) 341-1515 Fax (412) 344-0224

If you are in or near Tennessee, you could contact

Center for Dyslexia
200 N. Baird Lane - MTSU Box 397
Murfreesboro, TN 37132

(615) 494-8880

(615) 494-8881

[email protected]

auben elliott

My son is a bright 8 year old, who probably has mild adhd. He's easily bored, hates repetition, loves novelty, a bit imature for his age. He is also the youngest boy in his class cohort (we didn't hold him back--- so al the boys are at least 8 months to a year older than him)

He tests high, but academics are mediocre. He reads, but not very fast. He does math, but the addition/subtraction has not become automatic for him yet. He can do it, but he's slow. He's a happy boy, but cries when he is faced with a page with a 100 problems that he has to do in 5 minutes.

I'm thinking of getting a tutor for him to help him out build his confidence and support his mastery.

I looked into Sylvan and was turned off by the hard sell. Also, I don't trust their "assessments" and I have question about how effective they realy are --- in addition to all the other "learning center shops"

Does anyone have any advice for me?

Does this Kumon approach make any sense?

Please advise.



If you are in Michigan and don't mind driving or are near Rockford, I suggest chekcing out Integrative Educational Partners (IEP). Even if you can't visit their building check out their website or contact IEP at 616-874-7490 or by e-mail [email protected].

I found them to be a tremendous help with my brother. They helped his Dyslexia and ADHD, and he really began to learn in school. They work to integrate therapy, education and play into one session. The big thing with my brother with his dyslexia was his handwriting and they worked on his fine motor skills so he could write better.

I would deffinetly recemmond this place to everyone. Check it out. It helped my brother a lot.


I’ve come across a number of online tutoring websites (e.g.,,,, etc.). Has anyone prepared a comparison of the various companies (pricing, quality, etc.)?


I am a NYS elementary and special Ed certified teacher who works at a Huntington Learning Center. I am appalled that this program takes advantage of parents with students of needs. They sell the parents on the fact they have certified special ed teachers, however, they do not inform the parents that they don’t allow the special ed teacher on staff to modify the program, nor let them look at their child's IEP. That is privilege information only accessible to center directors who have no background in academia. How do these tutoring business legally get way with this? They all should be sued!

Tina Gallagher

My great nephew has trouble with schoolwork. I do not know the specific diagnosis, ADHD, Dyslexia, etc. His family moved from Virginia where the teachers were prepared to help him with his specific problems, but he has moved to rural Tennessee and his father said his grades are plummeting because the teachers do not know how to work with his learning problems. I thought possibly we could find a type of tutoring service over the internet to help him. Is there any type of help out there for children that live in small towns?


I sent my child, who was diagnosed with adhd, to a private tutor, after Sylvan did not work. It made all of the difference. I found it hard to find the perfect one at first, but when I did WOW!


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